Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Catching up - Ink Blog entries

I've been super-slow in getting my recent columns from the London Free Press posted to the blog. They seem to have changed the way they update the columnist pages on Canoe.ca, which has resulted in my page there going stale.

Bummer, I know. But I'll just pick up the slack on this blog.

I have back-posted the entries from August and September. Since the newspaper's archived links to my older longer-form pieces have also been broken by the latest updates, I'll be gradually moving the full content here and changing the sidebar links to point internally. This promises to be a pretty sizeable chunk of work, so I'll proceed in pieces over the next few weeks and let you know when it's done.

Thanks for your patience. I'll go hang the construction sign now (ah, makes me nostalgic for the early days of the web, but I digress.) Feel free to comment here or on any of the individual entries that I've linked to below. Your feedback here will help evolve this important experiment in editorial opinion writing.

Here are the internal links to the Ink Blog entries for the three waves I've published to-date. Enjoy 'em:

Wave 1:
Tue Aug 23 -Launch day - buck-a-litre gas
Wed Aug 24 -Canada's new Governor-General
Thu Aug 25 - Conserving electricity
Fri Aug 26 - Taxpayers getting fleeced
Sat Aug 27 - Supplies for Students
Wave 2:
Tue Sep 06 - Cuba's gesture muted by media
Wed Sep 07 - Faster, wider roads getting us nowhere
Thu Sep 08 - Don't take away local school control
Fri Sep 09 - Don't dismiss West Nile's danger
Sat Sep 10 - Ford plant fight makes little sense
Wave 3:
Tue Sep 27 - Slayings may spur new look at noose
Wed Sep 28 - A new recipe for London developers
Thu Sep 29 - City officials should 'pedal' bicycle plan
Fri Sep 30 - Talented young kids just 'Grand'
Sat Oct 01 - Readers cite concern about developers


Pieces of Me said...

I am so glad Michele keeps sending me back to you...I love coming here..I guess cause you are always so nice! Have a good week..TTYL

Anonymous said...

Hey Carmi... I know you love a good outdoor picture with the hids. Well, we were at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis yesterday and I posted a picture that I think you might enjoy. Check it out and let me know what you think.

BTW, I havent' been commenting a lot but I've been watching and lurking and I just have to say that I love your attitude. Unlike so many, you truely seem to know how to appreciate your family and the wonder of having them. Thank you for spreading that!

Pieces of Me said...

Hey Carmi! Thanks for addin me to your blogroll...I am still trying to remember how to get onto mine...but as soon as I do you will definitely be added!! TTYL

kenju said...

Thanks for the links, Carmi, and I hope to have time to read them soon.

Plain Jane said...

Would you believe that I actually spotted a brand new website the other day with one of those sad little "under construction" signs on it?

It was even animated.

It made me feel all nostalgic and stuff.