Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cancer, humanized

I can barely hide my admiration for the Toronto Star's Rosie DiManno. I've often written about and linked to her work. She never fails to make readers think, and she always manages to reach in and change their perspective on virtually any topic.

She writes columns on both general issues, as well as sports. To be completely frank, I'm not a big fan of the sports side of the house. I find all sports "news" so, um, pedestrian. While I agree that there is indeed drama in so many aspects of sport, I find the way most media outlets package it to be repetitively boring.

Not so with Ms. DiManno. Her writing often jumps beyond the sports pages and deftly delivers messages more subtle than some lunkhead's assessment of how he put the puck in the net. Her piece on Pat Burns, entitled Ex-Leafs coach Burns battles cancer, does just that. If you read it, you will be moved.

Your turn: Does this writing inspire you? How? Who else can move you with mere words?


Valerie said...

Good Morning Michele sent me today but I would come visit you anyway. There are many people who's writing inspires and moves me, my sister's writing is among them.

Karen said...

Hi Carmi! Ironically, I'm moved by Sports Illustrated writers Steve Rushin and Rick Reilly. They're often funny and sometimes quite moving.

Here via Michele's. I think you followed me. Hope all is well!

Karen said...

Carmi, I'm back again and this time I read the story. It was really inspiring. It's always interesting to see how people react to adversity. Admirable, really.

Prego said...

Wow. My dad actually beat prostate cancer a couple years ago. Luckily they caught it early enough so that he didn't have to go through chemo. It is pretty sobering. My thoughts go out to the Burns Family

On the sports front, women are very good sportswriters. In fact the 'guy film' Slap Shot was written by a Nancy Dowd. I guess the absence of vicariousness or Monday morning hindsight allows a writer to reach beyond the 'lunkhead' factor.

In answer to your question, am I inspired? I'll have to admit, the heartstrings were tugged. May I face adversity with the same dignity and grit as Mr. Burns, (minus the cop moustache). Your other question is a bit open ended. Who else can move me with mere words? Charles Bukowski, with his unique, liquor-tinted outlook of daily life, my mother, who inspired me with her wit, humor and wisdom and the guy on the "Ice Hounds," who called me a p*ssy, who moved me to chase him around the ice to slash his punk-ass on the calf.


ribbiticus said...

hi carmi! thanks for sharing that piece! you're right. she does make her articles more "human". off the bat, i can think of 2 local writers who also have interesting writing styles. here are samples of their works. quinito henson: & recah trinidad: :)

Laura said...

Hi! I'm here via Michele.

There are quite a few people who's writing moves me- mostly poets, but even some kids stuff gets to me.

Have a great day!

margalit said...

It's moving and especially sad right now, since I've got friends battling cancer. I love Dan Shaunnessy (sp?) of the Boston Globe. He's great, and he can be vicious when he is annoyed, just like me.


craziequeen said...

Hi Carmi, here from Michele's today.

I don't read papers or articles much.

My most emotional writer is Jung Chang, author of the biography Wild Swans. *really* looking forward to her new non-fiction 'Mao'.


Juggling Mother said...

Wow, that is a well written piece.

I am moved by loads of writing though, rel stories, novels,political reports! Not sports though (despite the fact that it's my job)

Michele sent me today

sage said...

Good evening from Michele. I enjoyed the article--she did a good job with the piece and the horrible disease. Like you, I don't read the sports section that much--mainly to catch the highlights. Although I'm not a big fan of his politics, I really like the way George Will often squeezes baseball into his columns.

Carmen said...

Michele snet me, but I'd be here anyway.

Um, I think I'd have to think on who inspires me. That piece was well done, though.

Star said...

You are right. That piece really humanizes a sports story. Here today from Michele.Actually. my daughter's writing inspires me.

YellowRose said...

I am not a sports fan, so reading anything sports related is out for me. But there are many people who inspire me with there writing. Hey, I enjoy your writing!!

Here via Michele's tonight! ;)

JV said...

I'll be sure to read that. It's on my next browser tab.

What writing has moved me lately? As the father of a one-year-old, I get a little choked up reading him one of his favorite books. "Daddy loves me. Daddy feeds me breakfast. Daddy talks to me." etc.

Sappy though it may be, I challenge you to show me a truer definition of love than what's in that tiny book.]

Michele says hi.

aka_monty said...

What a great post! :) I'm inspired by so many people...I love the diversity of people in general~it is what makes life so interesting.

Hiya, Michele sent me today! And it is always a pleasure to visit you.

Marisa said...

Red Fisher is another sports journalist who can get the reader to see the people behind the big salaries playing children's games. Jack Todd is another favorite of mine. Both write for the Montreal Gazette.

I'm a lurker here; seen you over at Mrs. Fun's place. :-)