Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cactus world news

Looks like Florida dodged the bullet when the first named storm of the year, Tropical Storm Alberto, failed to develop into anything really major. (The last time Alberto visited the U.S., in 1994, the outcome was much worse.)

It's early days yet, and this year's hurricane season is predicted to be an active one. But for now, at least, the little patch of cactus I captured toward the top of Deerfield Beach is likely still there.

May the lucky streak continue indefinitely. I suspect it won't, but hope is an important component of life.

Your turn: Got a hurricane story?


Ms Mac said...

Oh yes! I once saw famous snooker player Alex "Hurricane" Higgins in a shopping mall!

keda said...

nope. but i do remember a few years ago walking around the temple of aphrodite in turkey and being accompanied by lots of tiny little twisters.

they would just burst into life all aound us picking up little leaves and dirt, move along side us and fade away. the biggest only reached my knees. they were adorable.

rather different to a hurricane but my only worthwhile, not to mention clean, wind story.

Wordnerd said...

Umm, yeah...I have a couple of hurricane stories...pretty interesting ones, in fact. I'm in Louisiana...any questions?

Alison said...

No stories, but you get bonus points for using the name of a band as the title of this post. :)

yellojkt said...

I was living in West Palm Beach when Andrew hit Miami. We were visiting friends in Tampa and drove back to secure our house and then drove back the same day. Took eight hours to get back instead of four.

House took no damage whatsoever. Wish I could say the same for Homestead which got shellacked.

Troy Worman said...

Next week I will be in the Keys. Wish me luck.

Lise said...

No don't have a story but have to say I love your photos. I'm Canadian too, from Montreal,Quebec

And I got here via Michele.

Canadian Mark said...

Not a single hurricane story. Comming from Sault Ste. Marie, we have the "Edmund Fitzgerald Storm" story and that's about it - That and abnormally large mosquitos - Not much more for any natural disasters.

mrsmogul said...

I don;t have a hurricane story..but in 2000 a tornado was just across a bay from me on this tiny island in Thailand! It whirled and whirled and then died down before reaching us!

I am moving to FLorida and worried about mother nature!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

No I don't have a Hurricane story, but I love that picture of the Cactus from Florida. I know that is some kind of Opuntia but we don't have that particular one growing wildly here...we have a lot of others but not that one.

Sandy said...

I was working for a small PR firm when the last time a hurricane made its way far enough north to threathen the New Jersey coast. My client had an interview scheduled at Bloomberg News in NYC. The interviewer was coming in no matter what the weather but was willing to reschedule in an understanding way. My client - could take or leave it. My boss - hellbent on getting that interview in no matter what.

I spent the night before in a hotel room in the city. The morning of the interview I stood out on a New York street corner trying desperately to get a cab - my umbrella was useless. My suitcase seeming like deadweight behind me. The interview went well enough.

We rushed out to the hired car (a giant SUV to weather the storm) and became one of the last vehicles permitted into the tunnel bound for New Jersey. I got back to the office to find my ride - my father who worked in a nearby office complex - already waiting for me. Early.

My boss? She thought I was going to stick around and work a full day.

Yeah. I don't think so.

The irony is I lived an hour east of our office at the shore. We had rain, wind, relatively little impact - the storm had been downgraded by the time it got to us. The western regions of NJ, however, saw quite a good deal of flooding. Including my office -- which now had my desk and workspace under 6 inches of water.

Killired said...

i was going to say no hurricane story until i remembered myrtle beach last september when we got a little bit of hurricane ophelia! it was scary... cause she was off the coast deciding what to was real close that it was going to hit us dead on but she ended up going north a way... thank gawd!

srp said...

We lived in Mississippi.
Nyssa's best friend lives in Pass Christian. Her parents are divorced but had homes across the street from each other and two blocks from the gulf. They lost both homes in Katrina. Total. Nyssa went down there with Margaret and poked around. They found the wet but still intact senior picture that Nyssa gave her. This was seven months after Katrina.

Nyssa will be going to Bay St. Louis, MS in two weeks to work in the clean up and rebuilding for three weeks.

Here from Michele.