Monday, June 19, 2006

Take a walk on the wild side

I took this picture while visiting a wetlands preserve in Florida. The impressive thing about this place is how sensitively the boardwalk has been integated into the landscape. It allows visitors to see the wetlands without unnecessarily encroaching on an unbelievably beautiful slice of the planet.

It was so peaceful there that I felt I could sit on the boardwalk and stare at the grasses all day. Practically speaking, I'd never be able to do so because life demands I be in other places doing other things to ensure the bills get paid. But I can always maintain that dream, can't I?


Otylia Valtersson said...

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Carmi said...

For the record, I moderate the comments on this blog, and obvious comment spam is pretty much always rejected outright. Spammers don't have a whole lot of creativity: they simply rehash the same basic template, which makes it easy to eyeball and kill them in one easy step.

This one, however, reminds me of someone writing when drunk. It's just different enough from the usual comment spam tripe that I hovered over it for a few seconds and wondered where it came from.

In the end, I decided I'd rather keep these words on the site, if only to bring me a smile when I read the archives in the months to come.

Catheroo said...

What a beautifully serene spot. I can imagine the peace you felt there.

srp said...

Here from Michele.
There is a little park along side a waterway in Williamsburg that is very similar. The wooden walkway/ seating area is almost identical and in the summer these water plants grow tall in the mud. In August the crab make their way across the mud to the waters under the walkway. It is peaceful in all seasons.

vanx said...

A big day for Lou Reed references in our little world.

This photo is nice for the reason you mention. Nice perspective in your shot.

I started a spin-off for photograhy called foto-ops:
Stop by and hit the June archive for the prom foto at the bottom!