Friday, June 02, 2006


This is the fire hydrant next to our house. I like the fact that it's so close because anyone who knows me is patently aware of my immense fear of fire. I think of it as my own. I'm odd that way, but we need to find comfort wherever we can in a world that doesn't always seem willing to provide it.

My hydrant looks brilliantly yellow from far away. But when you get up close and personal with it, you realize it's probably time for a new coat of paint. Actually, it's probably time that someone stripped all that badly layered paint away and started from scratch. But municipal budgets don't allow for such luxuries.

In spite of, or perhaps because of its funky old paint job, I found it an interesting hunk of metal to study with my lens. The surface texture looked so much more interesting when I took the time to look closely and explore its imperfection. So on my way home a few weeks ago, I spent a few minutes shooting it from a bunch of angles. I didn't have much of a photographic plan, but I thought I'd keep shooting until I liked the result.

Your turn: Do you?


Tracie said...

Another cool picture!

I do have to say that I have never seen a yellow fire hydrant before-is this usual for where you live? In my town all of the fire hydrants are red.

Here via Michele.

Crayonsetc said...

So, why don't you take out a can of paint and fix it up :) I think the different paint designs you see in some cities are kind of cool. We also have a fire hydrant on our property... it is the one for the col-de-sac!

Stopping by via Michele this evening to say Hello!!!

Jessica said...

I just happened on your blog and I'm a big photography fan - even though I only take snapshots myself.

I like the hydrant quite a bit, but I think the grey space on the right is a little distracting. If it was cropped out you would have a really cool monochromatic piece that could stand alone.

I love the pics and I can't wait to see more (and I promise to keep my big mouth shut).

Great job.

Shane said...

i think you should paint it lime green and stir up the neighborhood.

must be something in the air. I just photographed one of those about a month ago.

The Gnat's Trumpet said...

Yes, wonderful picture as always.

I like the texture on objects such as this with the many layers exposed upon close inspection. We are presently attempting to simulate a similar type of effect in our kitchen with a faux finish.

utenzi said...

Michele sent me again, Carmi. I was hoping to find out what the red thing was!

I think I like fire hydrants better in red. The texture of old metal objects is often interesting and your picture definitely captures that feeling of sturdiness and wear that so often envelopes such utilitarian devices, Carmi. I did a similar photographic study this past weekend on an old railroad bridge.

So, what was that mysterious red object, Carmi?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love this, Carmi...I understand you coveting this Fire Hydrant...I would too! I so often do what you do---take many many pictures till I see the one I really like on the BIG SCREEN of my computer...Well, it's really not a Big Screen, but after seeing it through the teeny tiny lens, it's wonderful to see whatever I have shot, BIG!

I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog..the last two posts have some photo's I'm very pleased with...

Here from Michele's tinught my dear Carmi.....Sleep Well!

kontan said...

First glance I thought it was a cake. Given that, it may be time to go to bed. I used to live in an area that painted all of their hydrants to look liky dalmations. It was the cutest thing!

Clicked from Michele's tonight!

kenju said...

Our hydrants are red, Carmi, so this is a novelty. Let's hope it will still work when it is supposed to - even if it is in need of a coat of paint. Shall I compare that to myself? I still work pretty well, even though I need some lipo, a face lift and a tummy tuck!

Maggie said...

UMmm Yello Hydrant! They are silver and blue in my city which creates a big issue for our Fireman. It's hard to gauge the water pressure with out the porper colour.
Have a great weeknd.

Tricia said...

I see you receive a lot of comments, but, based on what you have written her, all I have to say is: I adore you.

Pickalish said...

Of course I like it, silly goose!

I'd like a red one, better, though!

MSM tonight.

jennypenny said...

Do i like the photo? Or do i have a fear of fire? Yes to both!! Are you allowed to paint hydrants yourself? I imagine the answer is no. Damn the man. Paint it!!

Here from Michele's.

Kismet said...

Hi Carmi,
We have a hydrant on our property is orange, as most are around here (Portland, Or).
I loved your foto tho.


oh, and I came via Michele, but woulda anyway :)

Viamarie said...

A village in my country uses different colors for their fire hydrants but most of them in other cities are painted red.

Have a great weekend!

yellojkt said...

Fire engines went from red to yellow for better visibility. It makes sense for hydrants too. Sometimes the color of a hydrant is based on how much water can come out of it.

Great picture.

michele sent me.

keda said...

wow this just frightened the life out of me! i just realised the nearest hydrant to us is 3 streets away! good old turkish infrastructure!

i can't believe i haven't stopped by here for 2 weeks now. i've just been catching up. the seattle photo's are fantastic! as is the red one below. what is it??? and the pumpkin down down is gorgeous!

i'm a huge fan of worn paint and texture so i guess i'd have to say a resounding 'yes' too.

here via michele's but i was on my way anyway*

PresentStorm said...

that is the only way to take pictures right? Thank God for the invention of digital cameras. Isn't awesome how a really good shot of even the most ordinary thing can be so inspiring and beautiful at the same time?

Great job as always :)

Prego said...

I hope that's not lead based paint!

I share your irrational(?) fear of fire. I think that'd be an uncomfortable way to perish.

"39 year old Hispanic male found flambèed on a leather couch. Details at eleven."

My brother-in-law grew up in Burlington watching Western New York newscasts as a kid and has often joked about the fires that led the newscasts. I wonder if you had the same experience.

Here via Michele again, bro.

Yaeli said...

I can't say that I make a habit of photographing fire hydrants! But ti's nice to hear you feel well protected by "your" fire hydrant.

Michele sent me again.

Killired said...

i really really really like how you incorporate your love for writing with pictures....
i dont even know where the closest hydrant is on our street... i better go look... and all of ours are yellow-ish orange...

Scribe said...

This is pretty cool! I like it, yes I do!

Michelle sent me. Hello! :)