Thursday, August 24, 2006

Exploding Apple Mac laptops. The sequel.

I love when I'm right. I sleep better at night knowing that I accurately predicted the course of events. I'm not being smug...I just have a journalist's sense of black and white, right and wrong. And I like being on the happy side of any issue.

During last week's media circus around the exploding Dell laptop and battery recall issue (see here if you're just joining the fun), I predicted that the Dell recall wouldn't be the last of it, that another manufacturer would soon make a similar announcement.

Well, the other shoe has dropped. Apple has announced that it's recalling 1.8 million laptop batteries. It affects iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 units - which I've long contended could get hot enough to cook breakfast, but I digress.

We published this press release: Apple Computer Recall Another Industry Wake-up Call – Don't Hit Snooze says Info-Tech Research Group.

CNN's leading with it. I should give them a call...

Update Friday @ 4:57 p.m.:
  • The San Jose Mercury News (the major daily in the Silicon Valley, a must-read for anyone in the tech sector) ran this piece, Laptop batteries: too hot to handle, in today's paper. Byline is Dean Takahashi. I got lead quote. Here's my snippet:
For the companies involved, the recalls raise the delicate issue of how to reassure customers during a peak shopping season, even as pranksters stoke fears by posting fake videos of exploding laptops on the Internet.

``We hear anecdotal cases of back-to-school shoppers who are wary of Dell machines,'' said Carmi Levy, an analyst at Info-Tech Research in London, Canada. ``Apple has to deal with that, too, since they are so much stronger in the educational sector. This announcement couldn't come at a worse time for Apple.''


Karen said...

No, CNN should give YOU a call. In fact, they should call you "Cutting-Edge Carmi." The man who is one step ahead of everyone!

Congrats on being right. But of course you knew you would be!

Just stopping by to say hello today. Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Carmi go for it.
Now that you are right, tell me...
I have an HP Pavillion ZE2000 bought in spring of 05...laptop.
Am I in danger too?

kenju said...

Carmi, I agree with Karen, they should give you a call. Isn't it lovely to be correct?

Karen said...

There's always more than one bad apple in the bunch!

Here from Michele's!

David Edward said...

1.8 or 1.8 million
michele wants to know

carmilevy said...

Thanks for letting me know, David! It's been fixed.

(Weird...the original headline from which I clipped it was wrong.)

Anonymous said...

I've got the recalled battery. But I LOVE my Macs!

Unique Designs from Zazzle said...

CNN: Carmi News Network - We get the Scoop First

utenzi said...

Michele sent me to see the battery carnage, Carmi.

Poor Apple. It usually stays above the fray in the computer problems area. And, it's about time for CNN to have you onboard. They need better tech analysis that what they have now.

Anonymous said...

any idea as to how many battery manufacturers really exist? a lot of this stuff is all made by the same place and just has different branding, but I don't know if it applies to batteries or not.

Apple has been on a really bad battery run what with the Ipods and now this. Think they'll get much bad press about it this time? Probably not, it's still apple.

Michele sent me.

Mellie Helen said...

Yes, these Mac laptops are anything BUT "lap" tops. Unless you like seeing the pattern of your blood vessels permanently tattooed on your skin. Yeah, they'll do that.

RennyBA said...

Hello from Norway, I'm here from Michele and have a feeling I've been here before:-) ohh yea, the blogger with great nature pics - now I remember!
Have a great apple end to your week:-)

Paste said...

I'm on a Dell laptop, only a few weeks old, not a happy bunny!

Here from Michele's this time.

Sandy said...

So today I'm sitting at work. I open my browser. Click over to a news site and there is the headline - Apple's recalling laptop batteries. And I think to myself, "Hmmm, wonder if anyone will notice me sneaking on to blogs now. I bet Carmi has something to say on this!"

I'm not surprised either of us were right. :) Never doubt yourself Carmi. You know your stuff.