Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cover me with warmth

Grand Bend, ON, September 2007

Nesting or cocooning are behaviors often associated with preparing to endure another long, cold winter. We hunker down and hold onto things we hold dear, that bring us warmth and comfort.

So as the winds outside blow increasingly cold, I find myself spending a bit more time looking over pictures I took when the breezes were warmer. I linger over them and let the images get absorbed into my psyche. This image in particular warms me. I see little snippets of family life, taking in what was likely the last visit to the beach before everyone returned to school and work. It's pictures like these that remind me of my own childhood experiences in these places where the land ends and the big blue sea begins.

It's the photographic equivalent of a bowl of hearty soup, a rocking chair and a big, soft comforter.

Your turn: What do your nesting rituals look/feel like when the weather turns? Why do they matter to you?


Amy said...

I love putting on my scarf, gloves and winter jacket before I leave the house. There is something about bundling up in the articles of clothing that gives me great joy.

I also like going to sleep in a bed that is pre-warmed by an electric blanket. My husband and I perform great acts of kindness each evening when we turn on the electric blanket for each other (depending on who thinks of it first). Speaking of...I must go upstairs and see if my blanket is on yet!

Sheila said...

I light candles. Now that our family is in Guam and its hot sticky and 85 degrees here. It makes it feel homey and wintry even though we are still swimming most weekends.

BTW I chose your "porches wear their age" photo for my blog Beauty...on the weblog

I hope that more people come and check out what a great place you have created here!

Carolyn said...

I love my kitchen more in the Fall and Winter. The baking of breads and cakes, and a constant potpourri of soup mixtures simmering on the stove, aromatizing the house.

Oh, and the eating too, of course ;D

Star said...

I swear I felt a warm oean breeze as I was looking at that photo! I think I just crave heartier meals when the weather turns cooler.

Victoria said...

Lovely photo. My #1 the-weather-is-turning-coolish is lighting candles. Everywhere. Our house ends up looking like a cathedral on Christmas Eve.

I. Love. It.

Laurie said...

I like winter, but only in small doses. I also tend to find myself hibernating and looking back for warm summer memories.

This is definitely a warm summery shot to give us all something to look forward to.

Rachel said...

In the fall when it gets cooler I begin to get the urge to start baking again, experimenting with new recipes.

Having a fireplace is another nice thing about colder weather. We always had fireplaces when I was a kid and we got our heat from those and the pot bellied stove, so the fireplace reminds me of those times. Great memories!!

Heidi said...

This is a sweet photo, Carmi.

(Oh.. and thanks for the "nod" on the caption contest... the one with the gate... I have not been online for a while to check out other blogs, so am just noticing now the mention. I love that photo.)

Capturing Today said...

I love that photo - the beach calls my name 365 days a year!

Not being one who really cares for cold weather at all (which is why I live in the South) - I find myself bundled in sweaters, craving big, warm breakfasts, heavy and hearty stews and soups and spending TONS of time in my kitchen baking from scratch!

Oracle said...

Your photographs never fail to amaze me ;)

Mt cocooning rituals start when the kids (my cats) spemd less time outisde out of choice...

I light more candles and get out my winter jumpers...

I love the winter I just wish it was lighter

Im sure this will make sense to you ;)



Lori said...

I light candles...bake more...listen to music and read. I love snuggling up with a soft blanket and a good book and it's especially wonderful when I don't have a thing to do (that's pressing, anyway!) and no place to go but 'home'.

b13 said...

My wife has a fleece "sack"with holes for your head and hands to stick out of. I just like wrapping a blanket around me and relaxing with a mug of hot cocoa or cider.

I simply love this image. The depth is wonderful.

Leslie said...

Flannel pj's, down blankets, good books. And a cat in my lap. I love to snuggle up. Being cozy is such a good feeling!

sister AE said...

fleece and hot drinks

I would rather pull a fleece blanket around my shoulders than get out a real sweater - I've got a long winter ahead and plenty of time to wear (and get tired of) the winter clothes. The fleece lets me stretch the season a bit longer.

I find myself drinking more hot teas and cocoa as the weather cools.

You have such great questions to go with your great pictures. I think about them, even though I don't always type in an answer.

colleen said...

This one makes me thirsty too...for the ocean! I love this photo.