Friday, November 16, 2007

More tea, please

A peek into my mother's tea box
Laval, QC, November 2007 [Click to embiggen]

I'm notorious within my extended family for suddenly zoning out in the middle of a conversation as my eye catches something. Sometimes, it isn't something I see as much as something that pops into my mind, an idea that I think would be cool to somehow turn into a picture.

Visiting my parents gives me ample opportunity to explore with my lens. As time passes, they're becoming more supportive of my oddball approach to photography, often encouraging me to take pictures of things they find interesting.

And so it was with my mom's tea box. I liked the lines of it, so I scooped it up from the dining room table and brought it to the couch for an impromptu shoot. All the while, my parents sat nearby and watched, smiling. It was a moment I'll remember more for their reaction than for the picture I took.

Your turn: How do you share your photography with others?


kenju said...

Only on my blog, or with family, Carmi. The only time I think about other ways to photograph things, I am saying to myself..."Carmi would take a pic of this!"

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Michele sent me Carmi..And I too, have a new post up!
I LOVE that your parents are actually "getting into it"! That is really sweet....! Have you taken any pictures of things they think are interesting?

Love the Tea Box!

As to your question...I have created a calender for 2008 to give to all my friends and family for this coming year...And it is ALL pictures of flowers and creatures found in my Cactus Garden throughout the year!
That is one way that comes to mind right off the bat. And like you, and as you know, I put a lot of pictures up on my blog....
'Back in the day....I took lots of actors Head Shots (Professional pictures) And photographed many stage productions....for the Theatre that I belong to, Theatre West. So that's just a few of the ways I "share".

Catherine said...

I love this photo - the clean, simple lines. I'm afraid I don't share my photos as much as I'd like, except on my blog. What I'd really like to do is have some made into postcards. I suspect that the economies of scale might put paid to that idea though. I don't really have a use for 200 postcards all of the same scene (and as for trying to do it commercially, well that field is well oversupplied)

Scarlet said...

They think I'm a nut! I'm always taking pics and if I don't have my camera, they touch me and say, "Is everything all right? Are you okay?" The way I enjoy photography, I should buy a better camera. :)

I love the close up of the tea box! Good job.

surcie said...

Hey, Carmi!!
I'm not at all good at sharing my photography. Which is why the grandparents are always complaining that they don't have recent pictures of my child--the photos are still in the camera!

Suzanne said...

I make scrapbooks. I love combining the pictures with the colors and patterns.

I also really liked the tea photo. I'm a tea fan myself and the photo was the first thing that caught my eye when the internet page opened.

I'd be happy to hear any of your experiences going out on your own professionally. Lessons learned are always a good thing, both good and bad and all the better if I can learn from someone else.

colleen said...

I'm taking after you more and more, Carmi. I recently took a photo of some YUCCA in the supermarket mostly because I liked the word, but also because I had never seen it before.

I really like this shot. They remind me of long legged models at a fashion show.

Michele says hi again.

Mike said...

Hello Carmi. You always have interesting pictures. my own pictures aren't nearly as good which is why you won't see them online anywhere.

Michele sent me.

Smiler said...

That's a great composition. You have a very graphic eye. That's a compliment coming from me, the art director. ;-)
Please don't ever apologize for coming over to my blog! There is no such thing as visiting too often or leaving 'too many' comments. (Hint, hint).

Michael Manning said...

Carmi: It is obvious tome as I read this that you truly value these timeless moments with your family.Strangely, I can't say I have friends who enjoy the photos I've taken lately. But I've always enjoyed old abandoned churches, farmhouses, stables, gas stations and huts. I hear that North Dakota and Iowa are great states for capturing these images too.

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

i guess too it's via my blog, though i did have a couple of exhibitions a few years ago when i had travelled to africa with the charity christian aid - occasionally you get a peak of those shots on my blog too

love this image, i find it comforting

craziequeen said...

Hi Carmi :-)

I don't share photos much, except on my blog. I dont take half the photos I used to, even with a digital camera.....

Honey, I need your help at the Palace :-)


Janet said...

I don't take many photos actually. It's one lifelong regret I seem to always have. It's also a New Year's resolution I always seem to make and leave unfulfilled. I admire those that take the time to take pictures though.

On a different note, I'm glad you're right there with me on the soup!

Terri said...

Your writing is prolific, but you amaze me with your keen eye for things the rest of us don't bother to give a second look.
I loved this shot and it was even more meaningful to me because you captured it at your parents home.

Anonymous said...

Oh I so love the look of wrapped tea bags all lined up in a freshly opened box. It's such a welcoming site. Michele sent me but I will also be commenting on the post above.

Anonymous said...

I have happy memories of my great grandmother teaching me how to play checkers. I will never forget the praise she gave me the first time I beat her. Always we had a cup of spiced tea with sugar and cream, and she always had a tin of "Royal Dansk" cookies on hand to serve me. She was a wonderful woman. Thanks for prompting me to remember, and I'm glad your kids are building similar memories with their grandparents.

I love your photography also. For some reason close up shots of small things really appeal to me. I love being able to focus on the details.

Michele sent me.

Jerry in Tampa said...

Carmi - you take awesome pictures!

I share my photos on my 2 blogs - 1 being a photoblog

Awesome blog!

Hello, Michele sent me. AND I will be back!

Jerry in Tampa

David said...

i gave my brother a couple framed pictures of my daughter at a concert. He has them in his office, and loves to brag about his neice. I need to do more of this in the coming months.