Monday, July 14, 2008

Scene from a breakfast table

Get a handle on yourself
Laval, QC, May 2008 [Click to embiggen]

The scene:
A crowded breakfast place. We were there with Debbie's parents before we got on the highway for the long drive home. 730 kilometers separated us from our driveway, but first we needed to fuel ourselves. It was a typically crowded Sunday morning, and we'd been waiting a while for our meals to arrive. No worries, as I had my camera, a little tripod and a little bit of free time. I set up on the breakfast table and shot quickly before anyone noticed. Okay, some people noticed. But they smiled, so it was okay.

Your turn: Do you have any backlit photos hanging around your hard drive? Wanna share? I sure hope here.

One more thing: I'm not actually here. I'm on the other side of the continent for what must be one of the shortest work-related trips in history. Fly west on Monday, then fly back home Tuesday. Cool meeting in San Francisco for a cool event. Details when I return. Till then, I'll be blogging from some odd places. Please say hi to my wife and wish her sympathy, as she's now surrounded by three kids and a dog...and completely outnumbered. Stay tuned...

Make that two: We're still captioning this week's Caption This entry. Hope you can share a thought or two. Click here to start the fun. Thematic Photographic's still a go, too (no, it's not too late to submit your light-themed photo or link. Head over here to see what the fuss is about.)


MorahMommy said...

They're all in bed and the dog is it's not too bad.

We miss you...hurry home, my sweet!

Anonymous said...

No backlit photos, alas. I wind up tossing those in the trash because, my artistic intentions notwithstanding, they always suck.


Linda said...

I recently posted a backlit photo...backlit by the sun...a single head of Canada Wild Rye, growning on the Konza Prarie here in Kansas.

And amazingly...I have a photo of a handled pitcher, too...though not yet posted.

smarmoofus said...

I love that shot! Is it the neck and handle of a syrup bottle? Very cool composition, and the colours feel very happy-morning to me. Thanks for sharing this!


Mojo said...

Deepest Sympathies to The Mommy left holding the bag. Make the dog help out!
Carmi, love that shot... It's always amazed me how interesting things that are normally boring get when viewed close up. Backlit... I'll have to look around for something suitable I think. that or just go shoot something *wink*.

Mojo said...

I forgot about this shot when you asked about backlighting. Obviously I'm talking about the second one in the set. I got very, very cold getting that photo.

Anonymous said...

I really love this shot.