Saturday, October 24, 2009

It didn't go quietly

London, ON, March 2008

I discovered this mess one night at London's otherwise pristine Via Rail station (photos). Aside from feeling rather sad that someone had been so callous with a community resource that normally makes us all quite proud, it made me think about the paths junk can often take as it makes its way out of our immediate lives. Normally, two things can happen when junk is in the process of being disposed:
  • It goes quietly.
  • It makes a mess along the way.
I'll leave it to you to guess which fate befell this unloved Tim Hortons cup.

Your turn: Please tell us something about the doofus who left this here. And if you haven't shared your own junk-themed Thematic vision, head over here. I need the happy.


Pamela said...

self centered egotistical moron.
(a litterbug)

lissa said...

I just love your title! What a visual you present with that!

charlene said...

maybe it was 'blowin' in the wind' and it 'can't get there from here'?

my sister-in-law did her final art thesis on coffee cup garbage art: using only tim horton's coffee cups/garbage.

p.s i LOVE the m & m picture!

Awareness said...

roll up his rim to win.....

Cloudia said...

They are a good person who recieved a shocking phone call and they ran to help.

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Gallow said...

Nicely done. You should submit this one to the Monochrome Weekly Theme.

kenju said...

I agree with Pamela. How hard could it be to find a trash can?

Klaatu said...

Starbucks has a team of corporate vandals that fan out across the country. They litter used Tim Horton cups in oiherwise pristine enviroments.
A forest in the fall with a mound of old Timmy's cups. Starbucks!
A mother leaves her precious baby outside the store for a moment, and returns to find her sweetums chewing on a ragged timmy's cup. Starbucks!
The police arrive at a hit and run, and what's the first thing they notice lying beside the body? That's right, a Timmy's cup! Starbucks strikes again!
Soon a hue and cry will rise upon the land outlawing Tim Hortons take out. Starbucks profits will soar. ( Cue evil laugh ) Bwaaa-Haaa-Haaa. Bwaa-haa-ha.

Michael Manning said...

All I can think of to say is that your writing, Carmi, always brings a sensitivity to our often callous world and I appreciate it when I stop by here to catch up.

Mojo said...

Ya know... Klaatu might be onto something. We already don't have Timmy's down here. But there's a Starbuck's on practically every corner. The evil empire strikes!

Meanwhile seems I've been lax in posting my links to Junk-In-The-Box (another chain not known to "these parts"), so let me amend that now:

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