Wednesday, October 21, 2009

As seen on TV

I'm still at it with the media thing. Diving into it has helped get my mind off of the real-life tough stuff, which has been sorta helpful. This morning's media moment was a fascinating one:

I was scheduled to speak with Business News Network's Michael Kane on his show, The Street, about Yahoo's earning's and Microsoft's prospects in the leadup to its big Windows 7 launch (tomorrow!) The live hit was set for 8:15, so I made sure I was up early. I don't like rushing before an interview, as it can throw me a bit off.

The timing dictated that I couldn't take the car (wife, kids, know, the stuff that really matters) so I planned to cycle the easy 10 km route to the TV station. So imagine my chagrin when I got to the front door and heard the telltale sound of rain. Uh oh. A quick check of my laptop confirmed my worst fear: a nice, chunky rain shower was moving into the region Right Now. I've always had such timing.

I pulled on another waterproof layer and hit the road. I got to the station on time and dried off, amazed that my jacket, shirt and tie hadn't been soaked along the way. Oh, there was the small matter of my slightly wet cuffs, so I had to tone down my usual speak-with-my-hands habit.

The video can be seen here (alternate link here.) Hope you enjoy it (we can talk about the facial hair another time, if you wish.) Other media stuff I've had my nose into recently includes:
Also had a bunch of chats with the good folks from the Globe & Mail, resulting in the following:
If you're near a radio, I'll be speaking with AM 770 CHQR (Calgary) Radio's Whitney Deane this evening (8:45 p.m. EDT) on the CRTC's decision to allow Canadian ISPs to engage in traffic shaping (live feed here.) This Friday, I should be back on-air with 640 Toronto's John Downs with some homegrown tech ranting. Tune in here.

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