Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It sucks

Blown out
London, ON, October 2009

Once upon a time, it kept our house clean. But nothing lasts forever, and we finally kicked our old Kenmore canister vac to the curb earlier this month. By the time I took this shot, it was clearly junk (link to Thematic), dumping more dirt on the floor than its increasingly lame suction could pick up.

I'm not sure why I do this, but I feel the need to take pictures of significant appliances before they disappear forever. I know it was junk, and probably should have been tossed months ago. But it was junk that we had bought soon after we were married. It followed us from our first apartment across town to our first house, and again into a new province when we moved to London. Perversely, it meant something to me.

So on garbage day, I ventured into the street for one last look. My wife, conditioned by years of this, roller her eyes and went back to making sure our son hadn't slipped the dog into his backpack for show and tell.

Your turn: Turning insignificant objects into objects of significance. Please discuss.


Mojo said...

I do this with cars. No seriously. No matter how much trouble it was or how many busted knuckles I got from it, when a car leaves my hands, it has a history. Often a contentious history, but hey.

And that last line? Cracked me up. And I'm not even fully caffeinated yet, so that's no mean feat.

This, I feel sure, was an object of significance to someone at some point, but now? I'm not even sure what it was when it was "alive".
Thematic Photographic 72: "Junk" v.2.0 - I Don't Know What It Is Either

lissa said...

Interesting article about about hoarding junk!