Monday, April 09, 2012

Thematic Photographic 191 - Single people

He walks alone
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC
July 2011

This week's theme, single people, should be a simple one to cover. Snap a picture with one person in it. Then share. Easy, no?

On the surface, perhaps. But scratch a little more deeply and there may be more to it than we originally thought. What's this person's story? Why is he/she there? What's going through his/her mind? Why does any of this matter to anyone else?

This particular photo has stuck in my mind since I shot it last summer. I used my longish lens to reach out and snag this gentleman's solitary stroll without his knowing I was even there. He seemed to at peace, yet so preoccupied, all at the same time.

I've taken similar walks by the water, quiet moments to myself where I had all the time I needed to figure out the mysteries of life. As I watched this complete stranger work through whatever it was that filled his own life, I realized we all need moments like this. And when we're lucky enough to have them, we don't necessarily need to share the process with anyone else.

Your turn: Take a picture that supports this week's theme, then share it on your blog or website (or simply point to something you may have already posted.) Leave a comment here letting everyone know where to find it. Repeat through the week, and pop in on other participants to spread the photographic joy. Click here if you're new to Thematic. Otherwise, have at it. And have fun!


Max Sartin said...

Here is my single person.

Cloudia said...

"where do they all come from?"
Lennon & McCartney

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral



21 Wits said...

I remember this man walking alone from before! ...and he's a perfect single person walking deep in thought! Mine is here

Lisa Shafer said...

And here's mine, with a chance for you all to tell me his story:

Gilly said...

Who knows what they are all thinking?
Here are my Singles

fredamans said...

I caught my landlord walking to his car, this past winter. Wasn't sure how I would incorporate this into a theme... but I liked the kick in his step and kept it. I will admit, the only thing single about him is he is alone going to the car. He is married. Without further adieu, I give you Edino;

Remember I enjoying shooting people from my front window... lol

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I'm more likely to be a subject in this theme than a photographer...but we'll see.

Glennis said...

Oh, oh, oh. I'm back, although incredibly overworked.

Here's my entry:

Bob Scotney said...

I tend only to take single people shots when I know the person involved.

larkswing said...

Here is mine:

Thank you for the fun!

Juniper said...

Hi Carmi, here is a photo I took last year: The Beekeeper

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Here's mine, scroll to the last pic

21 Wits said...

How could I resist shooting, take two for single people, when so many people were out soaking up this joyful day!

darlin said...

Hi Carmi,

Karen suggested I link in to your theme this week, my new header is not a single person, but it's a single bird. My second shot depicts solitude.

I like to think of solitude as time to spend with my Creator; much like feeling lonely is God saying "I want some time with you."