Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Dvorak's blog - a must-read

Here's another entry in my infrequent, ongoing series on stuff I like to read when I'm not busy writing about the other stuff that gets under my skin.

John Dvorak is a longtime columnist for PC Magazine and a somewhat outspoken voice in the technology press. (His regular column appears here, and his other regular column, known as Inside Track, appears here.)

Considering the fact that I've spent the past decade solidly ensconced in the tech field, you may be surprised when I say I have little patience for mainstream technology media. Writers and editors in this space are always so focused on the latest thing that they forget what matters to mere mortals like us.

Dvorak's different. Reading him is refreshing in a Dave Barry-esque way, only take away the toilet humor. He's also a really funny guy, as evidenced by his relatively new blog, Dvorak Uncensored. Give him a read, then comment.

I'd ask you to tell him that Carmi sent you, but he has no clue who I am. Still, his words work. Enjoy.

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Wheelson said...

I've been reading Dvorak's column since I was in 7th grade. I too hardly ever read mainstream technology media. Their dumbing down of the content isn't what annoys me so much. Instead, it's their blind acceptance of every lame thing that comes out. It's the same kind of problems the media faces reporting politics.

Dvorak however is a guy who's not afraid to tell you that come "cool" new technology sucks. Sure it might sound like he's complaining a lot, but you can tell he knows his stuff. He doesn't complain just to complain, he rips apart something because he sees technology's potential and, to me, it seems that he can't stand to see that potential squandered.

It is his passion for wanting to see technology's potential fully realized for the masses that makes his writing so interesting to me.