Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Still with the vegetables

My obsession with veggies continues. For the first time since I began this twisted photographic pursuit of produce, I was informed by a store employee that I am, in fact, not allowed to capture such scenes on film, on an SD card, or via any currently known photographic means. As you can see from this message, I did not follow said advice.

Maybe I just really like this picture - I've made it my Windows desktop background at home and at work because it's just so dimensionally colorful. Maybe I hope to continue to take pictures like this in future. Maybe I'm just really bad at listening to people (my wife will nod enthusiastically at that one!)

It's very much like the writer's obsession: no matter how much you like what you wrote today, there's a little voice inside you that says you can go even further tomorrow. There are always more literary, photographic and equivalent worlds to conquer. I won't be told by anyone that I'm not allowed to do just that.


Photominer said...

Betcha any farmer's market will let you photgraph all you want, specially if you promise to mention their name online or in print.

Joan said...

Since it seems that you have an affinity for Bell Peppers, perhaps you could don a cape and mask and call yourself the "Bell Pepper Snapper."

You could have a theme song that would play as you stealthily made your way to the produce section...

Yeah! That's it!

Amelia said...

Hehe.. so now you will become the undercover vegetable paparazzi!!