Thursday, December 16, 2004

The photographic guessing game

Thanks, everyone, for celebrating my Canoe news yesterday. I'm still tickled pink by the whole thing, and feel especially energized to swing for the fences again the next time I pick up my pen. I know I swing for the fences every time I write, and I'd still love the process even if this had not happened. But a little extra incentive is always a good thing. Recognition is, too. I've been pretty charmed on all counts of late.

In the midst of all this happiness, I really haven't had time to think about the weighty issues of the day. Things like the Scott Peterson death penalty, Osama's reappearance, and wireless use on airplanes have all flowed past me this week virtually unnoticed. I'm so out of the flow because I'm too heads-down to really notice. Not that I could do anything about it anyway.

Which brings me to today's picture, and why I'd rather delve into some photography instead of deal with a head-churning, life-changing, serious issue.

So I proudly present another guessing game. I like this picture because as the days grow ever-shorter, they seem to become tinged with an overwhelmingly gray hue. Winter's winds have already blown the last of the forlorn leaves off of the trees. The grass - well, where I am, at least - is covered with a half-crusty coating of snow and ice. You go to work in the dark, and you return in the same state as well.

In short, it's not a visually enjoyable season. Add some cold, some wind, and the usual weather-induced aches and pains, and you have a potent recipe for endless mirth.

Enter my colors. When I took this picture, I was amazed at how vibrant they seemed to get when they filled the viewfinder. They represented my own stylized interpretation of a rainbow. And when I happened upon it in a photo album, I knew I had to share it with you all on my blog.
Three questions, then, before I consume any more disk space:
  1. What do you think this scene depicts?
  2. How does it make you feel?
  3. What other colorful scenes would help banish the grays of winter away?
(And, yes, I'll do my utmost to actually take and post pictures based on your responses to #3. So don't hold back.)


Anonymous said...

As for #3, today I went for a walk near the river. The sun on the water and the ducks swimming out were as far from winter as I could imagine, though it was freezing. How about some water -- a river or something -- and some birds? Could you take a pic of that?

Kicking Bitch said...

I even stood across the room from my computer and couldn't figure out what this was.

But it makes me feel happy about life because I've loved rainbow's since I was a little child.

I just like to see what you come up with to show us, I'm not going to make any requests.

Diane said...

Is that a chair? One of those colorful folding chairs you take to the beach?

At least that is what it seems, how it makes me feel - and I picture sitting on the chair with my feet in the warm chair, letting the sun warm my skin and help me produce some Vitamin D naturally... ahhh...

Even if that is not what it is, thanks for warming me up for a bit.

And if you have any, I will take anything flowering, or lush and green. I miss the green... the deciduous trees need their hibernation, I know, but still... I miss the green leaves.

Red said...

I studied this and really don't know,
a stack of picture frames?
a wooden shade for a patio room?
Does it matter?
It makes me happy and think of sunny days and sandy beaches from back in Florida where I just moved from.
Other pictures?

I am a BIG fan of Black and White myself and the challenge of making them interesting and contrast, nature can always cheer up a drab day via the snow on a leaf or an animal grazing on winter berries, people can be fun when they don't know you are watching. But I like a lot of your shots from the past and find them fun and interesting

Jill said...

I think it's a sheet of those twisty things that you pull apart and use to close plastic bags. It's an interesting perspective, and it made me feel odd to be looking at something that I really couldn't identify...although it felt familiar.

twenty something said...

My guess is it's wood. ALthough that doesn't sound right.

I love anything you photograph like the others, so continue at your own chooice :)

Anonymous said...

LazyVeda Says (http,vaza,blogspot,com)

1-I think this is a kid's lawn chair. Or yard toy of some sort.
2-Young. I feel like I can take each end of whatever that is and make it roll like waves on the ocean. I feel like jumping.
3-Evergreens along a river or creek. The yellows and reds of fall leaves still clinging to their half-barren trees. City lights at night, in the rain.

Carmi, I especially enjoy this post! The questions are fantastic and great fun to go through and answer candidly. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!! :)

CrazyMom said...


Wheelson said...

What do you think this scene depicts?
To me it looks
2. How does it make you feel?
3. What other colorful scenes would help banish the grays of winter away?

Wheelson said...

What do you think this scene depicts?
To me it looks like some kind of hard candy. I never eat the stuff except during the holidays it seems, so I think that's what's making me think about it.

How does it make you feel?
It makes me feel like having a sugary piece of hard Christmas candy! The kind grandma used to keep in a bowl.

What other colorful scenes would help banish the grays of winter away?
I'd say food, but darn it's hard to take pictures of.

Leanne said...

1. What do you think this scene depicts?
I think it is one of those multicoloured handmade candy suckers that are far to big to fit in the average human mouth, but big enough that when given to children it makes their parents shutter in fear for the sugar shock that will soon appear.
2. How does it make you feel?
Excited... if for no other reason, but to find out what it really is.
3. What other colorful scenes would help banish the grays of winter away?
Warm places... aka you pending trip to a very warm place... hint hint hint.

Anonymous said...

They are hanging file folders, aren't they? While it may sound odd, I find organizational objects lovely. Anything that streamlines my space, I love.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a paper fan - like the ones you pull apart to open... Anonymous

Krista said...

It looks to me like wire casing.
It makes me feel peaceful and content that life is more then we take in with eyes of mere 'surface' glances. Too many people dont truly look closer. Metaphorically, or visually. And its great to know that someone can inspire others to see things with a little more dpeth (such as yourself)
Other scenes to wash away the winter grey....hmmmmm lets see:
a ball of tinsel.
fabric in a brillant colour (close up the wave of the threads would be amazing).
decorated sugar cookies.
crumpled wrapping paper.
the toppings of a holiday latte.
anything with glitter.
melted candle wax.
a box of crayons.
red cobblestone peeking through the ice and snow.
colored paper clips.

i could go on and on..but this is my mind - perhaps a little strange for some.

Jef said...

It reminds me when I dyed reed to weave a basket, which I never did. Looooong story....

The colors remind me of candy because it often comes in a rainbow of flavors. So do containers for toiletries. Well, the colors; they're not flavored. Of course, the rainbow reminds me most of chakras, which makes me reflective on how I'm living my life.

I really like bold colors that are vibrant and say here I am without being ostentatious. I like pictures of a bright example of life flourishing in the middle of the bitter winter or dry desert or the shadow of a tall building.

Unknown said...

I vote for wood of some sort. Frames stacked, blinds, something to that effect.

I took a picture of the blue sky today (posted to my photoblog). I was so excited it wasn't gray for even just a little while.

Jamie said...

I didn't read the other comments, but just wanted to say I love COLOR is winter! That's probably why I wish for snow, to change it up a bit!

But I love pretty gifts, lights on a Christmas tree, smiles on a childs' face.

Although, you have yet to dissapoint with any of your photography. Keep it up!

Mark said...


Mike Wood said...

close up of a rainbow coloured flat IDE or similar ribbon cable. Makes me think of bits and bytes. That is if it is a ribbon cable...