Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Military intelligence

Oxymoron or truth?



Anonymous said...

Lazy Veda (http,vaza,blogspot,com)

This is always sort of a conundrum for me. My 4.0-type Bro is military...but overall? Hm. He's MP-ing now, seeing all the dolts that screwed up in one way or another...

Plus, I admit to knowing nothing regarding Canadian military...

...where's my debate bud? Mark? Anywhere, anywhere?? :)

Anonymous said...

You just knew I would come of the woodwork for this one, didn't you?

Military Intelligence is it's own truth, in it's own little world. It makes perfect sense from the inside, but not so much from the outside.

The problem is the ability to suspend "outside" logic and only use the military rules as logic, in which case, all makes sense. If you stray and use normal logic, then all is chaos. Our natural state is shy away from chaos, to embrace the familiar, so it is hard for military to use "normal" logic because it means facing two sets of criteria for decision making.

That is an extremely uncomfortable place to be, so most people pick the comfort zone. I tried to for a long time, but finally acknowledged my round pegness in a sea of square holes.


Anonymous said...

Veda says:

Carmi, I think you enjoy this too much! ;p Hope it feeds your creativity at least!

Mark? Was that you? :)

This makes sense to me, actually. I know that there are many grey areas when it comes to that comfort zone you speak of and military, by standard, cannot allow for grey matter anywhere. Therefore, illogically to the outer world (general public), they have specific and detailed rules for just about everything. I guess to fully understand it one would have to belong to the military.

Makes me wonder, is it a difficult transition for military men and women to refocus when they're not working?

Woodwork? hm. Panelling? Oak? Maple? ...pine?? ;)

DeAnn said...

Definitely NOT an oxymoron. There is intelligence everywhere, including the military.

And military intelligence does make mistakes. But that doesn't make it unintelligent. It is made up of humans. We are fallible.