Friday, December 03, 2004

No lawsuit yet

The good news from Carmi's World of Journalism is that I didn't get sued this week. Sometimes, I worry that writing about provocative topics in a provocative manner will get the wrong person's goat. Then I slap myself as it dawns on me - for the umpteenth time since I first picked up a pen and bugged my parents to read what I wrote - that that is precisely the point of this entire exercise.

We write so that we reach people. They won't always agree with what we've written, and that's perfectly acceptable. That we reach them is all that matters.

What a gift it is to even have that chance.

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Kate said...

Sometimes I worry that I'm going to piss off one of my students. Then I remember some things. They're kids, so they'll probably get over it. That, and to teach over 650 students a week, I can't make everyone happy and I'll just have to live with that. Also, perhaps if I've done my job well I'm challenging perceptions. Not too much though, they are still just learning how to tie their shoes, most of them.