Friday, December 10, 2004

Answer: Reese's Pieces

A humble bow of congratulations to Clipped Wings for correctly guessing that the mystery picture was of none other than E.T.'s fave, Reese's Pieces.

Only after I posted the original message did I realize that I had left a gigantic clue in the post itself: the file was named PIECES1.JPG. Doh!

I've got lots of other macro pictures hanging around the archives, and will post them here in the days, weeks, and months to come. I'm thinking y'all seem to enjoy 'em. Right?

If I'm correct in my assessment, please say so (also let me know if I should put my camera away forever, or simply keep it away from the blog...I accept that not everyone likes photos either.)

I'm also opening things up to requests. What kind of pictures do you want me to take? Let me know: I'll be happy to take your suggestions and post the photographic results here. The lines, as they say, are now open. Go for it!


twenty something said...

I love your pictures Carmi.

To be honest, anything from the pictures of the fruit to the beautiful landscape you see on your bikerides work with me. :)

Diane said...

Yes, I'm with Dana - Please continue with your mix of wonderful words and wonderful pictures, Carmi!

DeAnn said...

I liked this game, but since when are they only two colors? Where are the orange and brown ones?!

carmilevy said...

I had already eaten them. I always eat the colors in inverse order of preference. I save the yellow ones for last.

This suited me just fine: the brown ones didn't shoot very well. They were kind of dull on film. So into my tummy they went.

I'm amazed I didn't gain 10 pounds while I was getting these pictures!

Chris said...

And Dean tells me the way I eat candy is weird ...

Yes, please keep posting pictures - the macro shots are fun!

Stephane Tardif said...

Keep it up, everything you do is remarkable. As for a suggestion for a picture... how about book(s), macro or otherwise.