Thursday, December 09, 2004

Another edible photo

I can safely report that no one has as yet correctly identified the contents of my most-recently posted picture. There was at least one guess that they were M&Ms. Good thinking, but no chocolate cigar. They're also not Smarties. Here's an M&M shot. They're peanut, BTW - hellishly more difficult to shoot than the plain ones. Oops, I forgot they're not called that any more.

I guess you now know which ones I prefer.

Please keep the great guesses coming.


DeAnn said...


Amelia said...

They're hybrid peas aren't they??

Photominer said...

dese are beans aint they?

Anonymous said...

Veda (ht...vaza blogspot com)

Mork's apples?
I remember a magazine we got as kids, on the back cover they always did a shot like these, but ...possibly, closer? The trick was to guess it and they published answers in the next edition. Any clues? I think it'd be a hit, here, Carmi!

Mellie Helen said...

Dried split peas and/or legumes? Or really, really flat apples.

Hey,'ve been nominated.

Anonymous said...

Are they Mentos: The Freshmaker? :-)

The Narcissist said... 'bout reece's pieces. Am I right? Am I right?

carmilevy said...
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carmilevy said...

We have a winner! Good eye, Clipped Wings! They were indeed Reese's Pieces, E.T.'s favorite confection because, apparently, the M&M folks didn't take Spielberg seriously when he first approached them.

I wish I could replicate some and send them your way, CW, but my congratulations will have to do.

Now I'm hungry!

Thanks, everyone, for being such great sports about it. I'll have to dig into my archives and find more pictures like it. This was a very enlightening exercise!