Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sublime, meet ridiculous

The pox of the politically correct continues to infect the furthest reaches of society. I know it's somewhat sacrilegious for me to even bring this up, but the PC revolution has now reached Santa's grotto.

The BBC, bastion of all that is truthful and good in media (excuse me while I cough up a hairball) reports this much in this web posting, Live camera protection for Santa. The fat old guy and webcams have now been united in commercial-technological glory. Why? To protect him and prevent lawsuits, of course.

Now there's some spirit of the season for ya!

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Zay. N. Smith summarizes this and other ridiculous snippets of the season in Sunday's column, Have a holly, jolly PC Christmas.

All of this, of course, diverts attention away from the fundamentally flawed logic that puts Santas into specially-constructed villas in malls around the world. As parents, we talk ourselves hoarse teaching our kids to never talk to strangers. Yet well-meaning Moms and Dads see nothing wrong with plopping their precious little ones into the lap of a Complete Stranger who may or may not have consumed mass quantities of alcohol so as to survive the endless onslaught of gift-seeking young 'uns.

I shudder to think what we teach them in the process - "It's OK, honey, go over to that man you've never met before and tell him what you want while we stand over here and cry while the elves over there take your picture. Mommy loves you."

If this is the lesson society wishes to teach its children, count me out. I know I've always been technically "out" of the whole Santa game by virtue of the fact that I don't celebrate the holiday (heathen!) but humor me anyway.



Anonymous said...

It is a very very surreal experience, the whole mall santa deal.

I always imagine barney from the simpsons dressed in a santa suit earning some booze money.

The Bombshell said...

Omg... don't say pox. I'm still recovering from them.

Rich Rosenthal II said...

Is Heathen right I usually use hat one when joikingly refering to other christian sects. I think Heresy is what we are looking at here. I could probably look up both words to see if I'm just cutting hairs, but I'm lazy and I like the sound of Heretic better.

Jenny said...

Carmi! Ahahahaha

I get what you are saying. We still do the Santa Mall experience, but my kids know that it isn't the 'real' Santa, and they sit or stand next to the drunken guy in the beard, not the lap. Hee!

Honestly, though, I thought this was going to be about people rigging their webcams to try to catch Santa, or someone trying to make a buck by putting a webcam at "The North Pole" or something.

I don't know if not celebrating is technically heathen, or if celebrating the holiday with Santa as the main dude instead of the baby Jesus is more heathen (since that's OUR deal.)