Friday, December 17, 2004

More photographic guessing

I hope you're having as much fun guessing what my pictures are as I am having by posting them in the first place, then by reading your comments. When I take pictures, it's typically a solitary endeavor, so this kind of impact - it clearly touches a nerve in you, and that elates me - is an amazingly pleasant surprise.

Before I started this blog, I had never taken pictures with the intention of sharing them beyond my little sphere of folks - immediate family, suckered-in friends and the like. You've all helped me shift my perspective a bit: very personal photography can now be easily shared via this medium. Let the games begin.

Today's mystery photo comes to us courtesy of yet another long, extremely close-up exposure. I did not have the luxury of natural light for this one. It was at night, and for some reason I had no time the next day to shoot. So I figured it was incandescent light or nothing at all. That explains the sepia cast to the picture. I never have much control over what different bulbs will do to my subjects. Long exposures tend to add even more mystery to the final result. It's great fun - if you're OK with non-instant gratification.

So, you know the drill:
  • What the heck is this?
  • What is it not?
  • What was I thinking when I snapped it?
  • What are you thinking as you look at How does it make you feel?


Kicking Bitch said...

1. Icing on a cake!
2. It is not strawberry icing, I think it is chocolate.
3. You were thinking, "I'm about to stick my finger in it"
4. It makes me feel like bopping over to Wal*Mart and buying a cake. They make good chocolate sheet cakes.

reddirtroad said...

1. I think it is icing on a cake.
2. It is NOT Tripe.
3. You were thinking "I wonder if people will know what this is."
4. I think and feel like having a big old slice of birthday cake!!

Jill said...

I think this was a late night snack - something like cheez-whiz, that you artfully placed on a cracker. I imagine you were thinking..."Now, if I only had some lime jello with canned fruit on the bottom to go with this."

Jamie said...

Hmmm, noninstant gratification... actually sounds like fun!

But, I think icing also, it's not MY birthday cake, harumph, you were thinking "I sure wish I had better lighting, but we shall see how this goes anyhow. I bet I have more time tomorrow." And it makes me feel a bit like sticking my finger in the side of a cake where no one notices and just tasting a bit...

Anonymous said...


Instant gratification or nothing! :D

Definitely frosting. (icing? whatever, same thing. It's on the edge of a cake)

It is not a stack of tissues taken from the box and wrinkled up.

You were wondering when the doggone shutter would finally close, signalling the finale of the shot! (okay that's total projection on my part...)

I think back to the days of making character cakes for kids and feel utterly drained, as I did at 2a on finishing them! While looking at it, I wonder if I've missed a spot afterall. :)

Hey, Carmi, what was the last one? The colorful one...