Thursday, February 09, 2006

Interviewed - a voice in the ether

I was interviewed earlier today - by radio stations in Montreal and Ottawa - after Research In Motion (the BlackBerry company) announced a technology workaround that gives it an additional - and critical - option in its ongoing patent battle with NTP.

What's worse - for you poor readers - is that I'm going to try to link to the MP3 file so that you can hear what I had to say. The file for the Montreal interview (940 Montreal) can be found here.

Just for the record, this is the URL:

When you get there, look for this graphic and click the Download button:

Then click on the "Download the file now" link to save the file to your hard drive. Load into your favorite MP3 player (Windows Media Player, WinAmp, whatever moves you) and enjoy the listen.

I've never done this before, so please cross your fingers.

But wait, there's more...

The Ottawa (CFRA) interview is here:
Scroll down to this block (or, alternatively, click the link below to auto-load the sound file.)
Thursday, February 09, 2006
Biz @ Nite - Blackberry Work-Around
February 9th 2006 - Rob speaks with Carmi Levy about Rimm's "Work-Around" for the Blackberry.
mp3 (click here to download)
Your turn: How was it? Did it work?

Next up:
As you may have noticed, the process in both cases is a little involved - sorry for the inconvenience. When I have a bit more free time, I'm going to try to automate the process of feeding MP3s off the site. Yes, I'd like to be a podcasting geek. At least I'm going to try to be a podcasting geek. Any suggestions/tools that you've come across in getting this going on a humble Blogger/Blogspot site are amply welcome. Thanks in advance.


kenju said...

Carmi, you have a wonderful voice! You should be a newscaster!

I will also be watching the turns of events; my daughter uses a Blackberry everyday.

Michele sent me this time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carmi! I just set up one of my clients (email me if you want the site name) who's a well-known author with podcasting on the site I just finished for him. He also writes for the Star, which has podcasts, and software right on their site. ( -- go to podcasts!)

mommyof4 said...

No Luck I did not have the right software:(

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Well, I managed to download and play it, and if I can then anyone can because I am the ultimate technodork. Carmi, I don't have a clue what you're talking about in the interview, but it was really nice to hear what your voice sounds like - albeit still a little croaky from your flu, I think. Now I'll be able to 'hear' your voice in your blog posts.

Bec said...

Sorry, it won't work for me but then I am on the other side of the world so those little soundwaes probably get tired trying to make it this far!
Michele sent me tonight.

Anonymous said...

good luck trying to figure that one out... I am still trying to get to the point where I can edit my template without screwing everything up...

Unknown said...

I've got dialup, so I'm not ever going to try it until late at night.

Here via Michele.

jac said...

wow! you're one smart cookie! i agree you have a wonderful voice!

i'm back via michele's tonight!

WendyWings said...

I am on dialup and unfortuntely it takes me forever to download anything :(

Michele sent me back AGAIN, how many times is that today LOL.

Lisa said...

cool! Now you're no longer just a disembodied head shot! You're now a disembodied voice, too! lol!