Sunday, February 19, 2006

Publish Day - Ink Blog - the f-word

I marked a bit of a milestone in my writing career with this column: I came as close to publishing a profanity as I have ever come.

Please note, I didn't actually use the full f-word. Instead, I used the hyphenated, dashed-out short-form for "for unlawful carnal knowledge," better known as the word, fuck. There, I said it. Whew, that was tough. That ought to get the search engines wagging. Along with porn, sex with breadsticks, and floam. But I'm digressing.

But I felt that the preoccupation with whether our not-so-esteemed former leader's testimony at an inquiry into the death of a native protester a decade ago took away from his family's tragedy. It bothered me that something so traumatic to one family could be so co-opted by an ex-politician who has clearly had more than enough time in the spotlight.

I guess politicians just bug me. Here's the piece:
Who cares if Harris used the f-word?
Published Thursday, February 16, 2006
The London Free Press

Somewhere amid the circus that now masquerades as the inquiry into the death of native protester Dudley George, the events that led to an immense tragedy for his family and community are being glossed over.

We are instead – and somewhat bizarrely – fascinated by whether or not former Ontario premier Mike Harris used the f-word in reference to the protesters who were occupying Ipperwash Provincial Park in the days before the 1995 shooting.

We get to watch what amounts to a high-level hissing match between Harris, who denies having a toilet mouth, and one aide who swore – on a Bible – that he heard the then-premier say, “I want the f---ing Indians out of the park.”

As if Harris’s purported use of the f-word – or any other form of profanity, for that matter – matters at all. It shouldn’t.

Ontario taxpayers are paying untold thousands of dollars per day to learn that their former premier may or may not have had a potty mouth.

Dudley George deserves better. So does his family.

Your turn: Would you have a disgraced ex-politician over for tea if he promised to check his potty mouth at the door? What would you serve him? (Yes, I said, "him." Only male politicians seem to have an active profanity gene.)


Tracy S said...

lol I agree ... who cares if he used it or not. I say people in glass houses should not throw stones :)So maybe they should move on to something A LOT more important then if he used a WORD or not.
great piece Carmi always!

Valderbar de Cat said...

Hello Carmi. Michele sent me.

What I miss out on by not reading the papers. Am I up to speed now?

Personally hairballs is a much worse word. The f-word just takes me back to my old tom-cat-chasing days.

sage said...

I was wondering what got your riled up to use such language--I don't really know the situation, but whether he said it or didn't seem to have little to do with the death. At times when tempers get hot, people use language the often would not use. However, refraining from such language seems the more honorable direction.

Anonymous said...

really whom cares what people say after the fact (or death)

Marie said...

This is over something that happened in 1995? Bizarre.

There was a time when it would have bothered me, but not so much now. I assume many people talk that way at their worst. But to use taxpayer $ for an investigation? Nuts.

Here from Michele's! Cheers, Carmi.

Lisa said...

bah. Who cares. You're right, the family deserves better.

Anonymous said...

Could've been could've been Ozzy there's a man who would be rendered speechless without the f word!

Here via Michele!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I am unfamiliar with this particular situation but I trust YOU Carmi, and if you say this guy should go--well, I believe you...Politicians and their ways to stay in office disgust me.
Terrific column, Carmi!

Just saw what Valdebar said...I agree, "hairballs" is a MUCH worse word! (lol)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Forgot to say I'm here from Michele today...! Sorry

Thumper said...

If I HAD to have a politivian over for dinner, disgraced or otherwise, I don't think I'd be all that worried over language. It's not as if every word coming out of my mouth is all that pristine...

But people are getting their shorts in a wad over a word that may or may not have been uttered over a decade ago? Funny the things we tend to fixate on...

Anonymous said...

I don't know the story and I don't swear because I grew up like that, but the case you present is obvious. Tax payers deserve a better use of their taxes, not silly discussions about the use of a f* word. (I learned that WIND is a 4-letter-word for bikers, lol!)

Anonymous said...

Me too, I forgot Michele sent me. I get carried away with your posts. :D

Anonymous said...

It seems a bit over the top wasting time and money on did he/didn't he say it!

Some great writing again!

Robin said...

A very good point that you make, but my question is this. Do Canadians really have "tea?" I mean like "bloody good, chap!" with scones and biscuits? Just wondering. Oh! and here's a few more search terms to add to the hits (these were used to find MY blog in the last month)
Sasha Cohen Crotch Shot


kenju said...

I am of the opinion that public figures should check their potty mouths in public, at least. Frequent use of curse words shows a less than intelligent vocabulary, and I want my public figures to show some intelligence!

Carmi, I laughed at your post about the Waffle House. And in your comments, someone said they grill pecan pie with butter. Oh. My. Lord. Now I will have to go back for some!

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe you used the "f" word in your column!

I couldn't under any mom reads it. LOL.

Michele said to tell you hello today.

Hope said...

It's called diversion. Often a tactic used when our politians want to avoid the real issue. Chrietien did it with golf balls at the Gomrey inquiry.
Coincidentaly, i saw " One Dead Indian" for the first time last night. I have always kept abreast of our unresolved issue of our Native First people. As usual this sucks. I say prayers for the George family

Anonymous said...

The Dudley George case has been ongoing for so long. The family deserves justice! I agree with other commentors, it is a diversion so the truth can be hidden even further in that pile of dung!!!
I am not at all surprised if he did say it though, it was a crazy time and they so did not deal with the situation well.
I really wish they would just tell the truth as ugly as it may be and be done with it!!
ps I keep coming back b/c it is so nice to have some Canadian content down here in California (and I like your writing style!!)

Shelli said...

I would have a politician for tea (or coffee) and I don't really care if they check their potty mouth at the door or not, as long as they are a decent person. Oh wait, that's an oxymoron, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Our Vice President used it and no one had too much to say about it. He also shot someone by mistake without a hunting license and didn't report it...and told us there were nuclear weapons in Iraq. The former the worst of the lot and no one's been held accountable yet. Now that's something to swear about.