Sunday, November 02, 2008

Caption This 95

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London, ON, October 2008

About this photo: We're continuing this week's Thematic Photographic theme, night. If you want to share your own night-themed picture, please head over here to get started. (And, no, it's not too late. We'll be doing the night thing until Wednesday.)
Tuck-in time is a special time in our house, as it should be. There's something reassuring to a little person about the way we say goodbye to the day. The experience should be fun, happy and comforting.

Frasier's picked up on our ritual, and he often insinuates himself into the process. Our kids are only too happy to have him add his own unique sendoff before he, too, curls up and nods off for the night. It's always the little things that seem to matter most.

Your turn: Please click on the Comments link below and share the most creative caption you can come up with. Have two? Enter as often as you like! See here for details on how the Caption This thing works. I'll announce the winner next Sunday.

About last week's photo of my feet: Business travel can be a real drag when you're far from home, alone, and bored. So as you can see, I take oddball photos to keep myself amused. I was happy to see so many of you appreciate my somewhat stilted sense of humor. Honorable menschens go to:
  • Awareness: "Footloose." (Such a classic movie! The tune's dancing in my head as I write this.)
  • Sara: "TOEtally blocking the view." (Loved the play on words.)
  • Moi: "Happy Feet." (Another favorite flick of mine.)
  • Colleen: ""Toeing the line." (It's been a very music/movie-themed week!)
Christy's "Exhale" reminded me why we need to set aside more time to just relax. I felt like doing precisely this as I lay back in that oh so quiet hotel room. Her caption takes it this week. Please visit her blog, Paul Newman Shirt Days and wish her a happy from all of us. While you're there, I'm willing to bet she'll leave you thinking with her deft combination of prose and photography.


Anonymous said...

"When Hairy Met Dahlia."
Rob Reiner

Mystic Thistle said...

Oh fun! Thank-you Carmi! And an even bigger thank-you for inspiring me through your blog to be more creative and alert in my everyday life. Truly. I hope that I adequately convey this.

Hmm...can't think of a caption for this one yet. Will mull it over!

awareness said...

Gee....I thought my Twinkle Toes aliteration would win! :) Thank you for the HM. The song kept playing in my head too.

I love Anon's caption.

Canine Comforter

Mojo said...

Hmm... how about

"Down Comforter!"
(get it? "down"? uhh... mebbenot.)


"(oof!) Okay, it's Lite formula for you from now on!"

John said...

Friendship is the most colorful place to be.

smarmoofus said...

Frazier: Carmi, come back... This one's still awake!

Nestor Family said...

"Snuggle Puppy" (I loved Sandra Boynton's book by this name!)


"I found the perfect spot... rrright here!"

This is an adorable photo!

kenju said...

Frasier is, no doubt, a good bed-fellow! I can't think of a caption, but I do love the multi-colors in that photo.

awareness said...

Poochie Night Patrol.

Fraser's Final Tuck-in

"Hey Dahlia? Can we read my favourite story, Harry the Dirty Dog?"

Schnauzer Smooches

Anonymous said...

A girl's idea of heaven on earth? Reminds me of a contemporary image of a princess being fanned by palm leaves and being fed grapes.

David Edward said...


David Edward said...

"must LOVE dog"

Vita-VEGAN-Vegamin said...

Hairy Pawter and the Chamber of Slumber ;)

Marla said...

Great photo! But I can't think of a caption. When my 65 lb. boxer jumbs in bed and lays on by belly and licks my face. I " Get off you big lug, I can't breathe!

MorahMommy said...

"Puppy Love"

"Tell me a story and then I'll go to bed!"

He is the sweetest and she was so thrilled that he chose to lie on her as they drifted off to sleep.

He didn't stay the night...if you can see that her bed was full of so many things. He also doesn't sleep well, unless he is snuggled in between the 2 of us. Our very own little chaperone!

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

so cute!! one of the several reasons why I've always wanted a pet!!!!! :)

As for captions, i like VVV's contribution .....

how about "let sleeping dog(s) lie" :)......or "every dog has its night"

Barbara said...

Well, Carmi, I can't think of any better caption than those already submitted. Good luck choosing! I love the picture and I love that Frasier is so much a part of your family. I just gotta ask: Is Frasier named for any one in particular? I was just thinking of an episode of "Frasier" where there is a couple who both have huge noses and the puns fly like bats, including them talking about their Giant Schnauzers, meaning dogs, while everyone else is holding back snorts of hysteria. Hilarious episode! Great name for a canine friend, too.