Friday, November 07, 2008

Into the night

London, ON
October 2007
About this photo: We're continuing to follow this week's Thematic Photographic theme, autumn. In this scene, the leaves had already begun their annual journey to oblivion, but were still mostly on the branches. The end was near, I thought to myself, as I shuffled through a few piles of leaves on the ground in search of workable pictures. Please visit here to participate.
There's something forlorn about the outline of a tree on a foggy night. Nothing's clear or well defined. Some branches simply fade into the murk. Others are bathed by streetlamps that glow all night even though no one's around.

It's a weird place to be, but you never know when the fog will roll in and turn an ordinary street just outside the front door into a bit of an optical wonderland. So even though it's late and I really ought to be in bed, I grab my camera and tripod and head outside.

I often wonder why I write and shoot. The closest answer, I think, is that I get to immerse myself in a process that's completely within my control. No one can tell me how to structure a story, for example, or compose a scene. All these things simply pop into my head - how they do this I'll never know - and I rather enjoy following through on that initial spark of...I'm actually not sure what it is, but it's definitely something.

So on this night, I'm working alone, trying to figure out how to expose a challenging light environment that's rather new to me. I'm a little too tired to think straight, but I feel right at home in this magical, temporary wonderland around the corner from my house.

Call me antisocial, but sometimes I'd rather be alone.

Your turn: The eternal sunshine of the solitary mind. Please discuss.


Anonymous said...

This is quite stunning work. The light is wonderful and you handled the exposure really well. Nice work.

photowannabe said...

I like to be alone sometimes but i don't want to be lonely.
I loke your foggy, moody almost melencholy night shot. Well go to bed...

I have posted another Autumn Theme picture on my blog. Come visit.

Hilary said...

That's a wonderful shot. I hope people click on it to enlarge it. Fog always does add a beauty to the otherwise mundane. It's a great tine to have a camera at hand. I'm glad you had yours.

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

"but I feel right at home in this magical, temporary wonderland around the corner from my house"

Your picture captured it well. It does look magical.

Great Photo, Carmi!

bobbie said...

Not anti-social. Most of us need to be alone at times - for some, more times than others. I often want to be alone - even in a crowded place, alone to observe rather than participate.

kenju said...

What I like about this photo is the second tree back, shrouded in fog.

~j said...

fantastic shot....melancholy but delightful.

as for solitude - it takes a lot of mental work to be good company and i think sometimes we all need to get away and recharge.

Mojo said...

That is a seriously mind-blowing shot! You've combined the last two themes in one image, which is always cool... (multitasking at its finest).

I finally found a couple of archived images that speak to the theme (and that I liked). Might be necessary to go hunting for some more, but for starters, I give you:
Thematic Photographic 23: Autumn v.1.0 Moravian College (I Think)

Admin said...

I've given you an award! Come check out my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
This a wonderful photo, I just love it!
It reminds me of a scene from a Sherlock Holmes novel.
Elementary my dear Carmi!

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

This picture is a lonely picture, but not in a bad way - in a totally great awesome way - in the way that I so long to feel, in a place I so long to be ... the mist and the trees and the lighting is so very perfect. Reminds me of a cool summer rain and the sounds of the wetness soothes my mind. I need a day - an alone time day. If I don't get those days and refuel times the other stuff starts to affect me; the daily grind takes its toll.

G. Harrison said...

excellent photo and post, carmi.

you wrote...

"why I write and shoot. The closest answer, I think, is that I get to immerse myself in a process that's completely within my control."

and then when immersed so many things pop - uncontrollably - into your head i bet. if you kept a notepad of 'things i'll try or do next' i bet it would quickly fill.

a friend's brother recently wrote a book about the creative process. you might find like-minded individuals there.

i've been promised a copy and will pass it along if interested.



swilek said...

What a magical photo...I can smell the fog in the photo-I know that sounds strange but I love the musty smell in the air on a foggy night! Love the photo. Here is my contribution-finally my laptop is up and running!

smarmoofus said...

Beautiful shot, Carmi. Nothing more to say about it... it's just perfect.

Anonymous said...

I love this photograph! It's really beautiful!

sunflowerkat said...

Fog can trigger so many different emotions. I find this ethereal and quite peaceful.

Just beautiful.