Sunday, November 16, 2008

Caption This 97

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Port Stanley, ON, August 2008 [Click to embiggen]

As soon as I took this picture, I knew that Tennessee Williams would find it mildly amusing. What's your take on these rows of birds on a beachside rooftop? Have at it...

(And, yes, this photo continues this week's "rows" Thematic Photographic theme. Click here to avoid missing out.)

Your turn: All you have to do is click the Comment link below and leave a witty caption for this photo. For extra fun, pull in unwitting friends and family members. They'll be glad you did. And so will I. Thanks in advance for your contributions! Here's how CT works.

About last week's photo of my father: The picture still haunts me, but sharing it here proved to be a worthwhile, comforting experience. Thank you all for your contributions. Honorable menschens go to:
  • Awareness: "The Eternal Expos Fan."
  • Christy: "Butterfly Moments."
  • Bob-kat: "Fluttering thoughts."
  • Salubrina: "Pool of Reflection."
  • Robin: "If looks could feel."
Anne's "Reflections in the shade" was a standout, and takes it this week. She's a wife, a mom, a really great quilter, and a pretty compelling blogger, too! Her blog, Anne's House, is an absolute treat.


Beverly said...

That photo of reminds me of the song we used to sing at camp..."Here we sit like birds in the wilderness...waiting to be fed."

Although, those birds don't look like they're in the wilderness.

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

Reminds me of.... "Waiting on the Worm"

but I don't think there are any worms on a beach. LOL

Anne said...

Wow Carmi, thanks for the top nod!

Anne said...

Oh, and I think those birds are trying to send out a message in their own bird-type Braille.

"Flock on a hot, tin roof"

Linda said...

Climbing the bird ladder of success.

"George, if you stay there, people will think we're trying to say something ELSE!"

BrightBoy said...

I just wanted to congratulate you on being on Blogger since September of 2003. I didn't even know that this website existed then.

I want to be a journalist when I get older, so I was immediately attracted to this page.

What kind of journalism are you in? How did you get there?

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
"Alfred Hitchcock Presents"

MorahMommy said...

Birds of a feather, take the sun together!

Anonymous said...

Can't help but think of Jonathan.

"Indeed, you can do these things, too."

All This Trouble... said...

Hello, my name is Kim and I'm hooked...

David Edward said...

noses ( beaks) into the wind, but Someone is getting a lot of BAD air!

John said...

"Beethoven said if we sat in exactly THIS pattern, he would make us into musical notes in his next symphony...what's a symphony?"

Barbara said...

This photo reminds me of the checkout lines at a super Wal-mart, so here's my caption:

"Welcome to Wal-Mart. There's no waiting at checkout 16."

Mystic Thistle said...

Thanks for the mention!

Anne said...

PS, I'm not so sure your blogroll is 'new and improved' since I can't find me listed. Either that or I'm just blind and I can't see it. :)

G. Harrison said...

hi carmi,

port stanley is a great stop for fries too, besides great photos.

"red alert. man with large fries at 10 o'clock."


gord h.

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

"Birds of a feather will gather together."

"strictly for birds"

Anonymous said...

I'm too distracted by the threat of bird poop to come up with a caption. PS: Thanks for stopping by!

swilek said...

Here is my contribution for Row week:

Hilary said...

Gulls just wanna have fun


The Seagull has landed

Barbara said...

I noticed they are all facing the same direction, so I have another caption:

"Tenhut! About face!"

Wendster said...

... and one two three and one two three and CARMEN! You're throwing everyone off. It's one TWO three not one two THREE.
Let's start from the top.


Mantha said...

"......and they're off!"

"one little, two little, three little birdies...."

"76 grey birds led the big parade, with 110 cornets close at hand they were followed by rows and rows......"

"what was it we were trying to spell out?"

"to line up, or not to line up"

thanks for the menschens. this photo just cracked me up.

awareness said...

on a wing and a prayer.

pidgeon hospitality


flocking off.

little minds think alike.

waiting for Jonathon

cue the Neil Diamond music....

roof loafers