Thursday, September 03, 2009


Sign of the times
London, ON, June 2009
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Perspective often requires us to look ahead or back as a means of understanding where we currently are, and why. When looking ahead, about the only certainty any of us has is that we'll eventually - if we're lucky - get old.

And from the looks of the sign, time clearly has no intention of being our friend.

Your turn: What lies ahead?


Mojo said...

Regrettably, current trends make it difficult -- if not impossible -- for most of us to look too terribly far ahead. It seems we run from one crisis to the next, stamping out small fires, trying to keep them from becoming big ones. And time marches on... next thing you know you're staring down the barrel of 50 wondering what the hell happened and who's that old man in the mirror wearing my pajamas.

It keeps ya young if it doesn't make you prematurely old.

And there is no clever segue form that into my second entry into the Perspective Sweepstakes, so I'll just ham-fist it in here.
Thematic Photographic 65: "Perspective" v.2.0 - Applied Geometry

Anonymous said...

Excellent photo. I don't know how anyone knows what lies ahead. You can certainly plan but I'm an instant it can all change.

Cloudia said...

"if we're lucky we get old"

thank you for today's winning wisdom-of-the-day-on-the-web post, Carmi


Comfort Spiral

Canadian Mark said...

Ha! I kept with the theme in my post tonight and didn't even realize it until you blatantly pointed it out to me in your post. History is wonderful for lending new perspective. Good call.

Gwen said...

Net chick sent me.

kenju said...

Carmi, you can plan all you want, but there are so many variables in our lives that planning doesn't always lead to the result you want. I think talking about it and discussing your wishes with your family is about all you can do, except trying to make sure you plan for financial freedom (and in this economy? That's not easy.)

Maria said...

I remember an old folks home near the park that I played in when I was a child. The sign over the porch said, "Remember, Even You Are Growing Older."

That sign and the oldsters in their rocking chairs sure could put a gloom on even the sunniest day. It made me stop and reflect even at that early age of eight or ten of what life will bring, sooner or later.

And Mojo who feels old at 50. Get over it. Wait until you are like me, in your 70s. Fifty will look like childhood. I do not mean that in a negative way. I am in great health, work out four days a week, and truly love life.

much2ponder said...

Been thinking far too much in this direction already. I must make a decision to make the most of today and push my physical, emotional and spiritual self to run at their highest level at all times. I know, sounds exhausting doesn't it? but it's not really. It's actually about living, feeling, resting and recognizing the moment I am living in. This helps me to keep an attitude of thankfulness instead of despair. God is good.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I've been a Meals On Wheels volunteer delivering meals for about three years. I feel for the old folks. I'm not that far away at 52, in that boomer generation.