Sunday, September 20, 2009

Caption This 137

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London, ON
March 2008
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About this photo: It's urban week all week long, and this scene supports that vision of our not-quite-natural surroundings. To see where it all began - and hopefully share a Thematic perspective of your own - head over here.
The building that once stood around this forlorn doorway no longer exists. For the record, it was a worn out, utterly forgettable three-storey apartment block at the edge of a neighborhood that most of us would usually avoid at night.

The modern apartment building that is now going up on this site will soon welcome new tenants - and hopefully a new sense of security and community for a part of town that has long had little of either.

Your turn: Got a creative caption for this photo? If so, please click the comment link and share as many suggestions as you wish. Winner gets posted next Sunday. If you're new to Caption This, click here to see where it all began.

About last week's photo of a bird in flight: We're two weeks into the school year here, and I already miss the beach. Nothing stops us from returning, of course, but the day just isn't the same when you're not surrounded by crowds of like-minded city folks, all hoping to escape the heat. Maybe we simply need to reset our expectations as the temperatures continue to fall. Until then, this photo reminds me of what it felt like to have warm sand on my back and the sound of our happy children in my ears.

Mojo's "Mile High Club" takes the cake this week, because it gave this scene a much needed dose of levity. If you've ever wondered whose work I study to try to become a better photographer, please visit his blog, Why? What have you heard? for confirmation. In a word, he's got vision.


Andi said...

Not sure about a caption yet. I will have to think about it. Netchick sent me. :-)

Emme Rogers said...

Possible captions:

'Urban Genocide'

'The End of Life as we Know It or a New Beginning'

'Entering a Whole New World'

'Passage to a New Way of Life'

Pleasure to meet you Carmi! Found my way here thanks to Netchick.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mojo...Great caption.

My entry for this photo is:

"Destruction for Progress"

Have a great Sunday :)

Gallow said...

My door is always open for you.

Nice selection for a caption, and a great photo.

Carina said...

My caption:

Out of Order

Great pic, btw. =)

awareness said...

Doorway to progress

He huffed and he puffed and he BLEW that house down....

Jean said...

* Door to nowhere

Jean said...

* Door to nowhere

Steven M. Schwartz said...

new H&G show, "Flip this House Baghdad Addition"

Anonymous said...

caption: 'Heathcliff Huxtable does tape and bedding.'

Here's my take on urban! Thanks, Carmi. :-)

Anonymous said...

oops. Shoulda left that link elsewhere. Sorry!

Robin said...

I'll go for Gateway to the Stars as my caption, but it also reminded me of a Jim Morrison quote:

"There is the known, and the unknown. Between is the door."

Mojo said...

Always an honor to be menschened here Carmi. (Even by default.)

There's a building -- or the remnants of one -- that I've featured a handful of times that's in the next block up and over from my office. It appeared for a while like someone was finally going to refit the place, but the work stopped as suddenly as it began. I hope they ramp it back up again, the building has SO much potential to be SO many things.

The knee-jerk caption I want to give this is "Oops." But in the interest of doing something that's actually creative, how about:
"New Open Floorplans! Hurry, Won't Last Long!"

Okay, anyway I have a couple of catch-up entries before the theme turns:

Thematic Photographic 67: "Urban" v.5.0 - Deco Decay


Thematic Photographic 67: "Urban" v.6.0 - Sameness

me said...

Knocking on heaven's door

(lord knows they probably won’t let me in the front door...)

awareness said...

Portal to progress

Gentrification experimentation

A Do Over.......

Anne said...

You're probably taking the week off from 'caption this' so I may have a chance to get in an entry:

The number you have dialed to the maintenance department is not in service at this time, please try your call again later.

He came in fast.