Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Windows on the world

Glassy cubism
Montreal, QC, August 2008 [Click to embiggen]

Say what you want about modern architecture - that it can be boring, repetitive, uninspiring, or completely lacking in imagination - but when you combine large expanses of glass with densely built up neighborhoods, you could spend days simply walking the streets and enjoying the ever changing, kaleidoscopic results.

To wit, this streetscape in the middle of downtown Montreal. I grew up in this city and worked for years mere blocks away. Yet it took a quiet morning's walk with my wife to realize I had never really taken the time to appreciate everything around me.

I need to get out more often.

Your turn: The appeal of windows. Please discuss.

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Happy mulling. See ya after 7...


Gallow said...

I like the straight angles of the buildings and the contrast with the wavy reflection in the windows. Two worlds are colliding.

Barbara Martin said...

I prefer the older stone buildings rather than the modern steel and glass ones, like the apartments on Summerhill Avenue and along Cote des Neiges in Montreal.

Unknown said...

I always find buildings, especially big ones, new or old intriguing!

Pamela said...

when I see those buildings I wonder how many birds fly to their death into them.

Kind of an "off the wall" (excuse the pun) thought.

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

do they bounce us back
or draw us in?