Monday, September 07, 2009

If birds could talk

Laval, QC, August 2009

Longer lenses have a funny tendency to compress distance. Which makes these birds look a lot closer to these bridges than they actually are.

So I doubt they were actually sitting on their perch and deeply considering the urban planning implications of the ongoing renovations to these well-known pieces of engineering. But it was fun to mull over the possibilities anyway.

Your turn: Do bird brains have a perspective? Do they even deserve to have one? And have you shared yours yet? If not, this link might help.


amanda said...

Carmi I think all creatures have a great perspective in relationship to their own existence. Be it instinct or simple feelings I think if they could talk they would have a lot to say to us!

Anonymous said...

Carmi I just think we don't know what they are saying because we don't know there language. I think every animal talks and understands each other. Maybe I just read too much Dr. Doolittle when I was a kid. But they have to be able to communicate with each other. So I think they know perspective and everything else. Maybe not as in a great of detail as we do, but they do. One thing about this big old world of ours, is I think too many people think we are the only ones that exists and can communicate. I highly doubt that :)

David Edward said...

mostly birds say stuff like, " i am glad I am not a chicken" said...

hes probably saying "do you come here often?"

Anonymous said...

Are you asking me to share my own bird-brained perspective? LOL

G. Harrison said...

after musing about the behaviour of gulls on Georgian bay last weekend i'd say the wee creatures are worthy of our attention - we might learn something. what? I need more time.

thanks for visiting It Strikes, and comment re 'triple digits.' I like how that sounds related to my recent creations. more on the way this week.

keep well,


Mojo said...

They navigate vast distances with almost unerring accuracy without the aid of scientific instruments. Or air traffic control. They fly in perfect formation with never a midair collision. With each other at least. Getting sucked into a jet engine... 'nother matter.

I suspect these two are marveling at their good fortune that they weren't born Canada Geese on the short final to JFK.

And I'm sure if they gave it some thought, they'd agree with my final entry into the "Perspective" theme.
Thematic Photographic 65: "Perspective" v.7.0 - Think You're Having a Bad Day?