Wednesday, May 05, 2010

An error has occurred

The story of our lives
London, ON, March 2009

My BlackBerry had a bad day last month and had to take a trip back to the BlackBerry Repair Shop. Despite the fact that BlackBerrys (yes, plural with a "y") are made by Waterloo, Ontario, Canada-based Research In Motion, I hear the repair place is conveniently located next to Santa's Village.

I'm posting this as a reminder to myself that the little elves have completed fixing my little slice of technological addiction, so I'd best head back to the store after work to pick it up.

Your turn: What is it with Canadians? Even their error messages are polite?

One more thing: Thematic Photographic returns tonight. Drop by at 7 p.m. Eastern for our spring-themed kickoff. Or stalk your neighborhood with your camera, then drop by. Either way, it'll be great to get things rolling again.


Mojo said...

Years ago I worked for a company that sold turnkey medical practice management systems. They didn't actively sell it anymore, but we still had to support a few thousand installations that ran on a proprietary OS built by Ryan-McFarland. Within the OS kernel of course there are embedded error messages in case something truly disastrous happens at OS level. Some of these were pretty entertaining and obviously written by SNL fans with the idea that "This should never happen, but if it does..." We used to call them the "Mr. Bill Messages" because they'd start with "Oh no!". (As in "Oh no! I just branched to register zero! My stack looks like this:")

me said...

you boys DO know how dorky you sound right? (not that i am snickering or anything....)