Thursday, May 13, 2010

Law & Order cancelled

The Twittersphere's lighting up with news that seven of you have been dreading for years: NBC has cancelled its long-running drama, Law & Order.

The cynic in me speculates they'll be replacing it with a "reality" show about morbidly obese handypeople on a deserted island who date tycoons with bad hair.

The absolute cynic in me is surprised that the show was even still on the air.

Seriously, society watches too much lousy television. If Jeff Probst and 20-year-old cop shows are all we've got, we're in trouble.

Your turn: TV sucks because...?


srp said...

There really isn't a set schedule anymore... they stop a show in the middle of the season, run some re-runs of the season, get you really confused and then have a "season finale". Of course by this time you have forgotten what the last episode before the finale was and that was the one episode they didn't re-run before the season finale.

Of course, I think that one year on "Dallas" where Pam woke up and discovered that the whole previous season of shows in which Bobby died was just a dream... well, that essentially did television in for me. How gullible do they think we are...

And don't get me started on reality shows!

My current favorite program is on the National Geographic HD channel (at least I think that is the channel) in the morning... Sunrise Earth. Each day for an hour you see the sun rise in various breathtakingly beautiful places with only the sounds of nature in the background. Can you say relaxing and peaceful? Oh yes!

Mark said...

I like and agree with srp's point about the scheduling. I don't think it's fair to make the blanket statement "TV sucks." There are some quality programs out there with clever writing. "Castle" on ABC is one my wife and I can watch together that each of us would watch on our own. Nathan Fillion and the two buddy detectives are fun to watch with what they're given.

As for "reality" shows -- "The Amazing Race" is fun to follow, but all those shows where the entire goal is to lie and cheat to stay on the show are just awful.

I just find myself more and more wanting to actually do something more than sit and be entertained.

Mojo said...

Actually I believe the new show features morbidly obese dwarf handypeople. Rumor has it the working title was originally "Who Wants to Marry a Munchkinaire", but I can't confirm or deny.

The only thing left on TV worth watching is hockey, and with the playoffs shaping up the way they are I'm kinda surprised you've had much time to watch anything else. Who lit a fire under the Habs I don't know, but I wouldn't bet against them.

Katney said...

Something about the availability of hundreds (we don't have cable--is it thousands now?) of channels makes me wonder how the watering down of creativity is not inevitable.

From time to time, I read blog posts aloud to my husband. They usually get a chuckle or a nod. This one got a full belly laugh. You have a way with words.

Catherine said...

My current favourite is "The Good Wife". The plot lines seem to me to be complex and intelligent. Of course, if you disagree with me, then you'll think that I've been dumbed down by television, too.
I have a soft spot for the Amazing Race. I really like the way Phil Keoghan interacts with the competitors, he comes across as a really good guy, who wants the teams to get on well with each other. I got bored with all the other reality shows a long time ago. (At the moment it seems to be cooking shows, and you can't even taste the food to see if you agree with the judging).

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I am saddened by LAW & ORDER'S Demise at NBC...but, maybe it will have a further "new" life, elsewhere. Let's hope so. For twenty years we were givem some of the BEST writing and the BEST Acting on TV.....And the best thing about this series --nesides those two things were that ALL of these episodes can 'stand alone' don't need to know what happened before or after...Each episode was pretty much a complete story from start to finish....I for one will truly miss this Grand Old Show....
I read somewhere that "Law & Order: Los Angeles" was picked up by NBC---not sure if that is accurate but, time will tell. For me, this first in the three series was The Best!
NBC has lost it's center. Sad, Sad, Sad.