Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chicken. Run!

How much is that chicken in the window?
Richmond Hill, ON, April 2010
About this photo: As Thematic Photographic celebrates the joys of glass, I'm hoping you'll celebrate right along with us. Click here to start the glassy party.
We were on our way back from the playground when this little scene caught our daughter's eye. She's always noticing the out-of-the-ordinary stuff that others would otherwise ignore - she comes by it honestly, I believe - so it didn't surprise me that this little chicken made it onto her radar.

I shot quickly to avoid attracting the homeowner's attention. I could only imagine what someone would think if a total stranger pointed a lens at my house and began snapping away. Then again, if I put fascinating things like this in the window for all to see, maybe that's precisely what would happen.

So to the unknown soul who shared a little bit of fowled up color with the neighborhood, you have my thanks for creating yet another moment in the life of a little girl who enjoys them more than most.

Your turn: Kindness in the neighborhood. Please discuss.


David Edward said...

i would buy it if it laid Faberge eggs ( sp?)

David Edward said...

I am coloring the street that for so long I abused with my clutter. I guess that will be counted as kindness. ( by the way, the farm boy in me calls that fowl a Rooster)