Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thematic Photographic 98 - Edible

Rooting for my country
London, ON, February 2009

It was my first week in my new job. When a colleague took me out for lunch and picked up this delightfully timely dessert - it was during the Olympics and Canadian fandom was rampant - I knew it was definitely photo-worthy.

So I didn't eat it at the time, and instead explained my little obsession to him. I had plans for this cookie. Macro-photographic plans. I wanted to remember this cookie. And in a certain sense, I wanted to remember this week, when I was first meeting some seriously smart folks and figuring out how I fit and how I would ultimately contribute. It felt good to be on the cusp of such an opportunity.

Three months on, the cookie's long gone - the kids wolfed it milliseconds after the shoot was over - and I'm enjoying the heck out of myself at work. I'm comfortable in my role and in my skin, and every day presents a new and challenging adventure. Life is good.

And it all started with a cookie.

Your turn: I believe food is more about simple sustenance. It defines moments in our lives and somehow connects us as well. It's no wonder the kitchen is the centrepiece of most homes, and why some of our fondest memories seem to revolve around mealtime. Over the next week, I hope you'll turn your lens on the things we eat.

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Unknown said...

Good blogging my friend!

Rinkly Rimes said...

A delicious-looking biscuit.

Here's my 'edible'

~j said...

hahahahaha...i can never look at decorated cookies without remembering girl1's "stripper" sugar cookies.

sister AE said...

wishing i had one of those cookies right now!

here's my edible memory.

Gilly said...

Done a lovely juicy edible!

Mark said...

Clearly someone spent time with careful attention to detail when crafting this cookie.

Sometimes, as a US citizen, I envy the simplicity of the Canadian flag.

Mark said...

Oh, and here's my food pic (I have a dearth of those, sadly):

hapzydeco said...

Family gatherings bring out the food. This dip has become a party favorite. The presentation got its name from one of the kids.

Jean said...

And old post from me. :) said...

here is one from me
is it not edible

fredamans said...

I am back to bring you mouth watering yummies.... Hope you enjoy Soupe Au Pistou!

MissMeliss said...

Greetings from Mexico! I'm here visiting my parents, and started snapping pix of food even before I knew what this week's theme was.

Sorry to be so scarce lately.

My link is here: