Monday, June 03, 2013

Journey to the end of the earth

Nature's messiness
Deerfield Beach, FL
December 2010
I wanted to end off this week's messiness theme (head here to share yours) with a peek into the chaos of nature.

Walk through a thick stand of trees, watch a windstorm or, as is the case here, stand in the surf and you'll come face-to-face with nature's ability to make a huge mess. From impenetrable knots of branches to randomly strewn debris to a roiling intertidal zone, nature is constantly rewriting and redrawing itself in an eternally unfolding story, with a plot we're only beginning to understand.

I didn't need to understand the plot as I watched the waves roll in on this late afternoon. It was more than enough to stand and feel awestruck at the wonder of the moment. Sometimes, that's all you really need to appreciate where you stand in the universe, and why it's an inherently good thing to get outside every once in a while and drink it all in.

Your turn: What does messiness mean to you?