Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Shot through an open car window

Montreal, QC
August 2009
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I took this picture almost four years ago, and I'll confidently state now that I'll never take another one like it again.

That's because I took it while driving in heavy Montreal traffic. I was basically parked in the middle of the city because I made the mistake of finishing the day's work smack in the middle of rush hour. Living in smalltown London, you sort of forget these things. My bad.

Anyway, after sitting in neutral for 10 minutes, I figured if I wasn't otherwise doing anything, like driving, I may as well reach for my camera and snap off a few frames.

Great in theory. Not so great in practice, as they now call it distracted driving. And rightfully so. Even if you're stopped at a red light, or stuck in hopeless traffic, you really shouldn't be doing anything but driving. It's a lesson I wish the lady who passed me on the 401 one afternoon last week had learned. She was doing 125 km/h in the left lane...and texting furiously. I deftly changed lanes to get as far away from her as possible. Whatever it was that was so important that she Absolutely Had To Text Right Now, I hope she never learns the hard way that nothing is ever that important.

Looking at this shot, it's clear it never will be, either. No more traffic jam photography for me.

Your turn: What does the message on this concrete block mean?

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