Friday, June 14, 2013

Wait for me

When you run out of runway
Grand Bend, ON
July 2012
Thematic. On the water. Here.
Sometimes when I pull this picture up, I like to imagine what this guy was thinking as he perched so close to the edge of the breakwater. He was probably just enjoying a few peaceful moments on a sunny summer afternoon, but part of me wonders if he was trying to will those boats back to shore so he could hitch a ride.

I know I sure would.

Whatever his story may have been, the shot reminds me why I enjoy shooting beside the water. Because every experience is unique. And you can keep coming back to the same place and never run out of things to see, stories to tell or feelings to share. I think water does that to people.

Your turn: So what is he thinking?

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Michèle et Jean-Claude said...

This photo reminds me of a race to catch a ferry on a cycling trip. We could see the cars, pedestrians and other cyclists boarding and we were peddling like mad trying to make it on time to board. We arrived as they were pulling up the ramp and the captain of the ferry shouted "see you on the next trip!"