Friday, June 28, 2013

Kermit would have loved this view

Calm waters run deep
Laval, QC
May 2013
This is shiny. So is this week's Thematic. Here.
I often came here as a kid. I'd get on my bike and ride out of my immediate neighborhood, across the scary-busy road, and down the huge hill. It seemed like I was riding to the ends of the planet, but in reality it was only around a kilometer from my front door.

Funny what time can do to our personal sense of perspective.

On this day, I'm back here with my kids. This mysterious destination of my childhood has become their grandparents' home. This peaceful spot by the water where I used to rest after the arduously long ride (or so it seemed back then) has been redrawn by time. New trees, branches and leaves have grown. The flowing water has subtly redrawn the shoreline. It's familiar, but the mind plays tricks with distant memories.

It doesn't matter whether it's old for me or new to them. This place is significant to all of us, and it feels right to simply stand here with them and take the moment in.

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sit down....undo the bag...unscrew the flask lid.....pour drink.....sit....and sit.....