Friday, June 07, 2013

The lonely blue shoe

Missing its mate
London, ON
June 2013
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A single shoe sitting in the middle of a parking lot at the local mall begs a million questions:
  • Who wore it?
  • How did it become separated from its rightful foot?
  • How drunk was the owner of said foot? (And presumably the other one, come to think of it.)
  • How did he (totally a he) get home afterward?
  • Was he aware of his footsy imbalance?
  • Would this have happened had he tied his laces properly?
We'll never get the real answers, I fear. And the shoe? It's probably since been scooped up by a wild flock of seagulls and deposited in the shadowy spot between the recycling bins and the loading dock behind the no-longer-shiny-and-new Target store.

I rather like the lesson inherent in this misplaced shoe. Just when you think malls aren't capable of throwing you a curve and making you think, they surprise you.

Your turn: So, what is the story of this shoe? Have at it. Best comment wins, uh, what...socks?


Mike Wood said...

Judging by the colour scheme, I believe the chameleon circuit on the TARDIS is working again. :)

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I pity the shoe!

/ Mr. T

Bob Scotney said...

when the owner got to the gym he would wonder where he lost it.

rashbre said...

Or is it a parking garage for that Volvo behind it?