Thursday, December 24, 2020

A different kind of beach

Reflecting on the forces of nature
Port Burwell, ON
September 2020
This photo originally shared on Instagram

Part of me would like to conjure up my best pirate accent and narrate this scene with a perfect "The seas were angry..." monologue.

But this is a lake, not a sea. And the size of the waves suggests not so much anger as, I suspect, mild irritation.

But I share this particular image on this particular day because of a rather particular reason.

See, with few exceptions most of us are waiting for this year to end. We've rightfully consigned 2020 to the lousy pile, and eagerly await the promise of 2021, namely a vaccine that works, a population generally smart enough to take advantage of it, and at least the beginnings of a return to whatever we call normal.

But that won't happen overnight, and much of 2021 will likely feel a lot like 2020. Which means holding on until the light gets brighter. And holding on to snippets like the one you see here.

Or finding ways to steal out to places that inspire us. That make us think a little. That allow us to get away, even if only for a brief period of time. That remind us how small we truly are in the overall context of the planet. That reinforce the power that defines life here - power that predated COVID, that will be reshaping beaches and landscapes long after all this is over.

I'll be back on this beach before long. It won't be remotely warm, or lined with palms. I'll be wearing a parka instead of shorts. The sand will likely be frozen hard. I'll probably complain the entire time. But if it offers up a sliver of reflection and escape in a year that needed more of both, I'll take it.

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No longer just a kid, September 2020
Bench by the water, October 2020

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