Saturday, December 05, 2020

Finding vegetables among the morons

Quality produce
London, ON
December 2020
This photo originally shared on Instagram

Let’s not mince words: shopping sucks these days.

While online shopping can reduce our exposure, the occasional visit to the grocery store is still a necessary evil when nothing else will do.

That means crossing paths with idiots who rudely challenge retail workers about lineups and safety protocols, wear masks below their noses, and walk right up to others because heaven forbid they have to wait a second longer for that jar of dill pickles.

So here’s my remedy: kindness. Kind words to underpaid retail workers who literally risk their lives for the unruly, pickle-seeking morons who put their needs ahead of others. Kind moments for folks who deserve them. And even for the doofuses who don’t.

Because unkindness comes from somewhere. And if I were inclined to be a gambler, I’d bet big that the guy bullying the door attendant at the front of the store over the need to line up for all of 45 seconds was likely bullied himself somewhere along the way. I suggest we add some empathy to the pandemic survival toolkit, then, as well.

And along the way, in between channeling whatever kindness and empathy I can muster, I’ll take random photos of whatever beauty happens to slap me in the face. Vegetables, after all, don’t talk back, they don’t move around, and they look rather lovely in the right light. If it makes others smile, so much the better.

Pandemic notwithstanding, this kindness thing is entirely up to us. Please feel free to share your own stories of kindness here.

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