Saturday, December 12, 2020

Meta cherries on the kitchen table

Remembering what it tasted like
London, ON
December 2020
This photo originally shared on Instagram

The bad news: We ran out of cherry jam at breakfast.

The good news: We turned a lack of cherries into, uh, not lemonade.

For the record, I love cherry jam. Probably more than I should. But we all have our vices, and I’ve got to learn to accept mine.

So we’ll be doing battle at the Loblaws before long. But in the meantime, we had an empty jar begging for a spontaneous kitchen table photo shoot. And since it was a rainy day and I’ve missed being spontaneously creative, I hauled out the camera and had some fun with light.

Whenever I shoot with the real camera, I try to take a few meta-type pics with the smartphone, as well. They’re like test shots, or little, quick snippets. Sometimes I take them to validate the lighting or composition. Or document the scene.

Because creativity takes many forms, and remembering what it looked and felt like to get the shot can sometimes be more memorable than the shot itself. Especially when it involves using Chanukah gelt chocolates to fine-tune the lens positioning. At least that’s what I tell myself.

I’ll process the pics off the Nikon over the next day or two, and maybe I’ll even share them here.

But first, there’s an empty jar of cherry jam begging to be replaced. Food, after all, always has to come first.

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