Friday, December 11, 2020

Let the light return

London, ON
December 2020
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We lit the first Chanukah candle last night. And in a year that's served up virtually nothing but darkness, it was a joy to welcome the light into our lives once more.

Whatever the background and whatever the holiday, every family has its own traditions. And ours is no different: We each have our own chanukiah, or candle holder. And from when they were babies, our kids have lit their own - albeit with a little help from us when they were munchkins.

My wife brought her father's chanukiah home after he passed away, and she paused over it as she first lit it last night.

I imagined he would have enjoyed his grandchildren's banter, the warm glow in the room, the all-pervasive smell of latkes throughout the house. And while we so wish he could have been here to take it all in, I was nevertheless thankful that he taught the lesson of family to my wife, and that she learned those lessons so well.

So in a way he was with us as we lit the first light. Because the love of tradition had to come from somewhere.

Whatever you're celebrating today, this week, this month, whenever, I hope you, too, find the light. And I hope you continue to have people in your lives who can help point you toward it.

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Tabor said...

The light is what we are all waiting for.