Saturday, December 26, 2020

The power of puppy socks

Happy feet, far from home
Orlando, FL
March 2020
This photo originally shared on Instagram

Conventional wisdom has taught us that a pair of socks with paw prints all over them won't make much of a difference in the trajectory of the planet.

Conventional wisdom can stuff it.

Because this particular pair of socks, shot in a distant hotel room during a business trip, made me smile at a time when I needed a reason to smile.

I was in Orlando this past March, just days before the first COVID-19 lockdowns began. Murmurings were sweeping through the hotel, and people were worried. About gathering amid uncertainty. About getting home safely. About not getting sick along the way.

While wearing a certain pair of socks had no hope of stopping the wave that was to come, it became a topic of blessedly trivial conversation over breakfast. And again at lunch. These stupid socks somehow became the blessedly light-hearted break so many of us needed.

Despite our now-sequestered lives, I still look for the fun-themed socks when I need a dose of happiness. And I'm not so naive that I believe the impact ends with me: a well-timed sock-filled screen during a Microsoft Teams meeting has the same effect on colleagues, too.

Indeed, we never know how that one simple moment will ripple out into the universe. It may start small, but it doesn't have to stop there. History proves it won't.

So, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is a simple one:
  1. Find your favorite pair of fun-themed socks - or anything fun-themed, really.
  2. Take a photo of them. Or of yourself - or anyone else - wearing them.
  3. Share the photo here.
Small things. Big impact. Go.

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Lost pink sock, August 2015

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Morena flor said...

O fim do ano é sempre um bom momento para pensarmos um pouco sobre a vida, lembrar das maravilhas que temos a agradecer e também de tudo aquilo que nunca mais voltaremos a fazer. Toda nova etapa deve ser comemorada, ganhamos uma ótima oportunidade de eliminar tudo que já não traz felicidade para nossas vidas e assim obtemos mais espaço para vivermos novas alegrias! Vamos nos cercar de pensamentos positivos e continuar a dar o nosso melhor sempre que possível. Que este novo ano chegue primeiramente com muita saúde e coragem, pois assim já temos o suficiente para conseguirmos todo o resto. Um forte abraço ! Elisabete.