Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Lost pink sock

The scene: We were on our way to Montreal, and had stopped at an OnRoute rest stop in Port Hope east of Toronto to top off the tank as well as ourselves. It was a perfect day, with great weather and not a lot of traffic. The kids were happy and the mood was rather chill as we got back into the car and prepared to continue on our way.

I noticed a pinkish sock outside the car and thought it looked so sad just lying there in the gutter. One quick, spontaneous* snap and I was back in the car.

Fast forward a few days and our daughter was reviewing the pics on my phone. When she came across this one, she exclaimed, "Hey, that's my sock!"

Oops. Had I known, I would have picked it up after I took the picture. Instead, I left it in the gutter, assuming - wrongly - that it was some stranger's footwear.

At least it'll live on in pixels.

* To share your own spontaneous Thematic, head here.


Cloudia said...

poignant, Carmi

21 Wits said...

Too funny! Speaking of Pixels we saw the movie, Pixels this last weekend and it was a blast from the past! I think you might enjoy it.