Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ashley Madison data hits the Dark Web

‎Not too long ago, some hackers under the name of "Impact Team" busted into the Ashley Madison website and stole confidential data associated with millions of clients. Given the goal of the website is to encourage folks to have affairs, I'm pretty sure it's a bad thing if that data ever gets out.

Well, the other shoe has dropped, and bad things either are, or are about to, happen. Reports are emerging tonight that the data has been dumped onto the Dark Web, and folks who know how to navigate this cobwebby place where Google does not go (you'll need a Tor server, and Onion router, and a hefty dose of Dark Web knowledge) are already digging through the data.

My spidey sense (Peter Parker was a journalist, too, so I call dibs) tells me this has the potential to be one of the larger tech stories of the week. It's going to be a fun ride.

Well, if you're not an Ashley Madison client, that is.

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What a ridiculously busy day. Which is, perversely, the way I like it.


Tabor said...

My data was compromised at Target, Office of Personnel and now the IRS. They may even have a pattern of my body freckles for all I know...but not from the Ashley site!

Anonymous said...

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