Friday, August 07, 2015

Spiders from Mars. Or Montreal.

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Laval, QC
July 2015
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The scene: Dahlia, Noah and I are out on a photo nature walk in the neighbourhood around my father-in-law's place. It's tucked away on a small island in the river just north of Montreal, and getting lost in nature is as easy here as opening up the front door and stepping out.

As we're crossing one of the bridges to the adjacent island, the kids notice a juicy-sized spider hanging in the breeze, its intricately built web neatly dividing the line between the sidewalk on one side and a very long drop to the river on the other. This is one gutsy arachnid.

Since all I have is my smartphone, I'm stuck doing the best I can with the camera I've got. But I grab the moment, anyway, because I want them both to remember the time we came across a giant spider on a nature-photo walk. Trivial? Absolutely. But still no less important in the lives of two fast-growing kids and the spider-sympathetic dad who wishes he could stash moments like this in a bottle.

Your turn: If you could name this spider - and why wouldn't you? Just look at that sweet face! - what name would you choose?