Friday, August 14, 2015

Published: A BlackBerry Reflection

I was asked by the editors of the Waterloo Region Record to write an essay on BlackBerry (formerly Research In Motion). As the onetime-darling and dominant force of Canada's tech scene, the company has been a central focus for my own career as a journalist/analyst, and it's fair to say I likely wouldn't be where I am if this company hadn't grown - and imploded - as it did.

The piece is longer than anything I've written in a while, and it's a lot more personal than my usual writing. To say I enjoyed the process would be an understatement: It was an honour to be asked, and it's an honour to see it in print.

Here's the piece if you want to give it a read:
How BlackBerry changed everything: RIM revolutionized communications and put Waterloo Region on the map
Your turn: Do you have a BlackBerry memory?

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