Monday, August 10, 2015

Life in the media circus

Tomorrow is an interesting day in an interesting week in an interesting life. I'm headed to Toronto to fill in for the CBC's technology columnist. I'll be on the train first thing in the a.m., and will be on-air with CBC Radio stations across the country all afternoon. Our topic: next-generation ultra-high-def Blu-rays, and whether or not you've already bought your last-ever disc.

Wednesday morning, I'll be talking live with Canada AM on CTV about the risks of drone culture, and then I'll zing to the other side of the Bell Media media landscape as I fill in for Al Coombs on CJBK's London At Large Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Big shoes to fill. Little me. Yikes!

I still pinch myself that I get to operate in these places, at this level, with these people. If you've ever worked in media, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, take it from me: This industry is stuffed with some of the smartest, kindest, most dedicated people you'll ever meet. I've got to focus super-hard to keep up, to not lose lock, to sound just as smart as the folks on the other side of the studio, mic or camera.

I've made headway this year in taking my career in media to that elusive next level. I'm doing work in places that I previously wasn't, and I'm being approached more often than ever before for yet more work. Even better: it's cool, fun, challenging and fulfilling work that makes me feel that all is right with the world.

Maybe this branding thing of mine is paying off. But it's still a journey, it's still unpredictable and stomach-churning, and it still doesn't let me sleep completely peacefully at night, if at all. But I'm thankful to be married to a woman who against her better judgment has always been in my corner, who despite the craziness of my journalist's life (4 a.m. wakeup? You bet!) still tells me I need to pursue my dream when anyone else on the planet would have told me to give up ages ago.

No, I don't deserve her. And I'll be forever thankful not only for being able to do the crazy things that I do, but for the best friend who gets me and won't let me let go of the things that make me whole.

Your turn: What's your dream?

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